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Joseph Clark left for Boston today. Mrs. A. W. Gasser is visitingj her parents in Ohio. ' , Mrs. J. T. Jacobs and daughter are at Hnronia Beaoh. ff . Thomas Godkin has ópehW " a paint shop on Broadway. Work has commenced on the Hill street lateral sewer . Dr. V. C. Vaughan and faraily left Wednesday for Old Mission. Lulu Nordman has sued her husband Albert Nordmanfor a divorce. Mrs. C. H. Richmond and daughter Miss Minnie are visiting friends here. The lady maccabees give an ice cream social in their hall next Tuesday evening. Mrs. Samuel Smith and son, of Kansas are visiting her mother, Mrs. Julia Pitkin. % The city officials are afteMhat supper they earned from the county officials at base ball. ' " B. J. Conrad and wife and a number of relatives have gone t"-t-h-Lffl nlvn)eaux Islands. Albert Göttlieb Teatel and Fred Rentsohler re i)ow rneilfcs of the Ann Arbor Shuetzen Verein. "Jt was a sight on oommencement day" said an old resident "to see on commencementr day $6,920 Worth of diplomas in one pile on the platform. ' ' Our f orce took a vacation yestéfdáy and our machinery got out of order this inorñing, which must answer s our apologyior issue. .Our next issue will requirè no apologv. Dr. Heneage Gibbes wfll continue his practice ia this city, as his many friends here will be glad to learn. He will also open an office in Detroit in can.nection with his office here. William P. Stephens, superintendent of the Thompson Houciton Electric Light Co. , lef t today f or a three weekss visit in Denver, Colorado to visit hibrother, who is engaged in the tele phone business. The Toledo Aun Arbor and North Michigan ftailroad has been purchased by the bond holders. There will probably be no great change in the management at once, although the road will greatly improre its road bed. Martin J. Cavanaugh has been appointed by Judgê Babbitt as inember of the board of school examiners in the place of Mr. Wedemeyer, who was promoted by the people to the office of school commissiouer. The appointment is an excellent one. Wiley W. Mills, of this city, and Miss Mary Agnes Taggart were united in marriage at the residence of the bride's parents in Ionia Wednesday evening. The ceremony was perf ormed by the bride's únele, Presiding Eider Rev. Nelson Heald, of Grand Rapids. Mr. and Mrs. Mills will temporarily reside in Chicago. Rev. J. E. Sterling, pastor of the Scotten avenue church in Detroit will conduct a two days meeting for Bible study and prayer in the Congregational church on July 11 and 12, meeting Thursday at 3p. m. and 7 :80. There will be an all day meeting Friday beginning at ten o'clock. Bring your bibles and lunch and spend the day. These meetings are entirely uudenoniinational and all are welcome. The Argus has deoided to greatly improve the Friday edition of the paper andjin order to more effeetuplly do so and be sure of reaehing all its subscribers regularly it has decided to discontinue the Tuesday edition with "this number. Owing to a ruling of the postofflce department the Argus has been shut out of the mails so far as the city list is concerned, compelling it to carry its papers in the city by its own carriers. By changing to a weeklv, the Argus will again be carried by the U. S. mail carriers and the delivery will be much more regular and snre. Th:s will give us opportunity to make the Fridays' Argus the hurnmer it shouldbe. Thomas Snay has brought suit against Thomas Birkett in the circuit ■cooEt for $500. Alarge number of our people took in the Ypsilanti races yesterday and good races they saw. The cellar of the new residence of William Henne, on West Liberty street has been excavated. Rev. Henry Tatlook and Judge E. D. Kinne left for Boston and the Massachnsetts coast Wednesday. A ball game is being arranged between the busines men of the east and the west side of Main street. Aid. Koch and family spent the fourth in Jackson as the gnests of his brother-in-law, Charles Reinhardt. i Louis Rhode is having the cellar built for a large -house at the corner of West Washington and Third streets. Jacob Dingmn, who was arrested some weeks ago, has been bonnd over to the circuit court under 700 bail. Piospects are good for the summer for teachers to be opened by excommissioner Cavanaugh next Monday. Mrs. Julius Trajanowski and daughter, Ella will leave on Monday for a month's visit in Boston and New York. The printers of the Register Publishing Co. have challenged the other printers of the city to a game of base ball. About thirty members of the Light Infantry and a number of others went from here to Monroe yesterday. Mrs. Metzger, of Detroit, who has been the guest of her brother-iu-law. Rev. John Neuman and family, left on Tuesday for her home. The supreme court has affirmed the judgement in the case of Lesimer vs. Burg and reversed the judgement in the case of Betz vs. Brenner. Fred O. Martty and family and A.dolph Fausel, of Mancnester, left to iay for Camp Martty at Crooked Lake. They will . remain f our weeks. Mrs. C. M. Tibbals died at her home in this city last Tuesday of apuplexy. 3he became unconsicous after she retir3d for the night and never awakened. 'Talk about pasture, we have none," said Lovatus C. Allen, the well known carmer of York, "I have at present 17 jows and send cream to Detroit and To.edo. We are now feeding our next (vinter'g fodder. What we will do vhen that is gone I do not know. " George G. Walker, of the oarriagé nanufacturing flrm says, "Our business s good and I cannot complain., We aave sold 250 buggies and carriages this rear. If j?rops had heen good we #ould have been-,so rushod ïhat we ;ould not have ftlléd ourordèrsf Times ire getting better and business is looking up. " ;:"-■ The board of,pqirJie,YiOïkAikd livey meeting last Wednesday evening, luring the course of which Mr. Schuh nade some very sénsatíóaál charges igainst a sewer .inspector, who was reippointed. - The oilir members of th e joard weré rhthe'i? iWignant over it. iír Schuh wuif irf'the minority as usual iqd put up the best fight he knew how: !s'theré need of a Lexow investigating ïommittee in this city? The Landwehr societies of tlie state leid a fourth of July celebration in a iccordance fcwith their custom in Reief park. The oration was delivered jy Louis J. Lisemer. There was a parade in the morning and several hunIred visitors were here from various jarts of the state. The celebration was i success. The Landwehr is an orgaonzation of ex -Germán soldiers. JjThe examination of teachers of Washenaw jcounty for the ensuing year will )e held as follows : Regular examnations for all grades, at Ann Arbor, ,he third Thursday of August, 1895, and ;he last Thursday of Maren, 1896. ïegular examination for second and ,hird grades, at Anu Arbor, the third Dhursday of October, 1895, and the hird Thursday of June, 1896. Special ixamination for third grade, at Manihester, the third Friday of September, J.N!". Commissioiier of Schools.


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