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The successí'al treatmeut of consuinption - and by this i.s meant making the sufferer better able to bear his burden, -f not actually lifting it froru his shoulders - is Iargely a question of nursing. If the disease has already gained a foothold medicine iu most instances is of uo avail except in postponing the evil day, and even if it were otherwise a few geueral rules would be just as esseutial to inspre the comfort of the patiënt while recovery is going 011. In the first place, then, we must uuderstand exactly the couditiou of the cousuniptive, uot so muoh by ascertaining the locatiou aud exteut of his disease ;s by familiariziug ourselves with his temperament, his likes and dislikes, aud, above all, with his power of endurance aud resistauce. If we will bear these things in mind we maybeable to do all that is possible for tlie sick one - namely, toenable him to withstand the onslaught of the disease until uature shall gain the controlling hand. So successful is this method of treatment that it of ten resulta iu a complete or at least a temporary cure. Consumption is one of the most devitalizing of diseases. Not only does it attack the lungs, but the action of the nervous system is soouer or later seriously interfered with, the digestión iinpaired, and the simplest form of excitement renders even thecirculation of the blood dangerous from being overactive. We shall come nearest to striking at the root of all these troubles if we direct our euergies toward limitiug the frequency and severity of the cough, and in this we have uot only to follow the advice of the physician. taking care that his directious are exactly carried out. but we must give careful atteution to uursing. To prevent the first paroxysm of coughiug, which is usually incited in the niorning by the exertion of rising, a wurm cup oí' tea or an egguog should be taken before the patiënt leaves tlie bed. A glass of soinething warm, like hot mi Ik or gruel, should also be taken before retiring, aad plenty of time should be allowed in preparing for the bed. The patiënt should sleep in blankets, and a glass of warm drink should be placed within reach in case he should wake through the uight. If the prtjseuee of food in the stomach causes the reappearauce of the cough after meals, some suitable preparation of pepsin should be used to hasten the digestión, and au hour or two's rest shQuld. be taken immediately after the tueal. -


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