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Concerning Violations Of The Fish Laws

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There seerus to have beeu a litle ïnisunderstanding about the law relating to fishug with nets, owing to frequeut changes in the law. Deputy Game Warden Charles H. Bell wrote Game Warden Chase 8. Osboru, of Sault Ste. Marie, regarding the matter and in nis reply under date of July 30 Mr. Osborn says: "It is against the law to use a net of any kind for any purpose in the inland waters of the state of Michigan. Consequently it is a violation to use a dip net for the purpose of catching minnows. You will find the law in section 19 of the new compilatiou. " The law is now very stringent and really prohibits everything but hook and line flshing in the inland lakes. And as the flsh uiid game warden says in another letter to Mr. Bell, "It is just as niuch a violation to actempt to spear as it is to actually do the spearing. The law has been tested and, as it applies to j i. . , decided contitutional. " The deputy game warden proposes to see that the law is strictly enforced in the county and has receivei high cornmendatious from his chief for hig zeal and efficiency. He should be aided by every fisherman, as in this way only will the sport of fishing in old Washtenaw again attain its old time place, and our lakes again become good fishing grouuds.


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