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Miss Ruth Kapp is visiting in Port Huron. T. A. Bogle and George W Bullis Jeft for Kansas Tuesday. Mrs. Delos Davis is visiting her parents in Fenton. Professor and Mrs. Slauson left for Bay View Wednesday. Marshal Peterson and family are at Whitmore Lake. Henry A. Harzer, of Moore's drug store, has accepted a position as drug clerk in Grand Rapids Miss Lizzie Keniper left for Chicago yesterday to visit her brother. Supervisor E. E. Leland, of Northfield, is visiting in New York and Verin on t. Lotlis F. Lutz, of Byron, is visiting his brother. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Good, of Springfield, Ohio, have been stopping at the Cook house for a few days while calling on their friends in Ann Arbor. Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Shefihan have returned from their Maine trip. Mr. Allen, of Grand Rapids, and his ten year oíd son, Earl, stopped here last evening on their way to Island They are raaking their trip a wheel. Channing Ackley, R. B. Morgan, Seward Wilcox and W. E. Jewett, of Adrián, paid Ann Arbor a wheelsrnan's visit yesterday. Misses Helen and Florence Wetmore returned Wednesday from Cadilac. Mrs. N.W.Cheever is visiting her son in Bay City. The Misses Emma Weitbrecht and Eliza Armbruster left on Wednesday for Scio to be the guests of Miss Lydia Guenther. Herman Reyer returned Tuesday froin a week in Detroit and Toledo. J. B. Bent and A. C. Pack attended the meeting of the American Photographers association in Detroit this week. Mr. E. B. Winans, of Hamburg, was in the city Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Roy McClure are spending a week at Whitmore Lake. Harry Cole is camping at Zukey Lake. Miss Helen Seabolt is visiting her brother in Flint. Miss Bertha Kress has retuned from Tecumseh. Mrs. Burt P. Schumacher is visiting in Brighton. Miss Emma Fischer is visiting in Grand Rapids. Mrs. John Mahlke and children are camping in Weidemann's grove, Whitmore Lake. ' James S. Norton and wife, of Chicago, are visiting V. E. Franoois, of West Seventh street. Miss Emma Noll, of West Huron street, is spending the week -with J. Parker, of Lima. Mrs. Write and children, of Dexter, are visiting at Alderman Snyder's. Mrs. Jessie Smith and daughters, of Brooks street, have returned f rom a few weeks' visit in Pontiac. Miss Emma Kemper, book keeper m the Argus office, is taking a two weeks' vacation at Detroit, Put-in-Bay and Sandusky, Ohio. Dr. McNames and family left Wednesday eveniug for their home in New York City. The doctor has been spending sorne time in Ann Arbor looking after his property here. Laura Hess and family and George Reed and daughter, with Miss Ruby Cross, of Detroit, have gone to Wolf's Lake to spend two weeks Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schlittler i turned Friday evening from Monroe where they had been visiting relatives. Mrs. F. W. Blake and children took the boat for Alpena Monday. J. C. Watts left Saturday for a two ■weeks' visit in Syracuse, N. Y. Mrs. W. W. Watts returned Sunday from a visit with her sister in Wayne. Caspar Rinsey and family have returned from three weeks at Zukey Lake Miss Hattie Swift has returned from Bochester and New York. C. W. Wagner is among the visitors at Wequetonsing Mrs. James Robison is spending the week at Delta, Ohio Pat Scully, of Deerfield, was in the city Tuesday. Miss Dora Tice is visiting in Detroit. H. D. Wood, '93 law, of Dayton, Ohio, is visiting friends in Ann Arbor. Miss Amanda Binder and Miss Mary Haarer have gone to Manchester for a week to visit with relatives and friends. Miss Clara Dale and Miss Honey, of Ypsilanti, were the guests of Dr. W. S. Moore yesterday. Mrs. John Burg returned Monday from a short outing at Whitmore Lake. Hardy Woodruff has been takng a week's outing on his wheel. Riding to Detroit, he made several daily trips from there into Canada and returned via South Lyons and Whitmore Lake. Mrs. Gustave Brehm and Mrs. Simon Dieterle returned with Mrs. Cari Baumann to Dayton, Ohio, to spend a few weeks. Dr. Wm. Eister left Wednesday for Nebraska. He will open an office in Lincoln, Nebraska. Mayor Walker went to Zukey Lake Tuesday. George Burke has returned from his bicycle trip to Niágara Falls. Miss Kittie Berry is visiting in Detroit. Miss Birdie Cummings, of Detroit, is visiting her sister, Mrs. J. E. Clark. Mrs. W. D. Saunders, with her son, of Grand Rapids, is visiting her father, Moses Seabolt. Samuel L. Benham id visiting his j ter in Graud Rapids. Mrs. J. R. Nelson has just returned from a visit in Detroit Mr. and Mrs. George Dengler leave for Chicago the last of the month for several weeks' vacation. Mrs , Emanuel Schneider has been on ', the sick list for the past -week Samuel Heffelbower and family are visiting in Delta, Ohio. They will be absent four or five weeks. C. K. McGee left for a visit in Jackson last week. Will Siuipson and family are spend ng a few rlays at Whitrnore Lake. . L. C. Weinmann has been spending several days at Whitmore Lake. Chase Dow and family are at Zukey jake. Rev. Henry Tatlock is expected home tomorrow from lii.s eastern trip. Mrs. Jennings and son Alpheus, of Detroit, are visiting her father, Gov. Felch. Rev. Henry Walker, accompanied by his mother, Mrs. Walker, will take a iwo weeks' trip np the lakes. Mrs. Lumsden, of Detroit, has been the guest of Mrs. C. H. Richmond for a few days. Judge Thomas M. Cooley has returned 'rom Vanderbilt, much iniproved in health. Miss A. Ormsby, of Brooklyn, Ñ. Y. , who has been visiting at the home of ler cousin, John Lawrence, has retarned home. Miss Mary Richmond is visiting Detroit friends, and will return with her mother to Evanston, 111., next week. Dr. Harry Nichols, Howard Nichols and Mr. and Mrs. Peter Weinette, of Saline and Peter Cook, of Urania, are occupying their summer cottage at Whitmore lake. Ex-Supervisor Isaac Foster, of Ann Arbor, was in the city Monday. He says the last rains have greatly helped the pastures, corn and potatoes. Levi Mead, of Mooreville, has found employment in the city at his trade which is that of a carpenter. Ira Moon, of Mooreville, was in the city Tuesday, calling on Conrath Bros. for the purpose of investigating the Conrath raspberry. Lemuel Goldsmith and Monmouth Millen, of Mooreville, were in the city Tuesday on business. John Ferdon has had a handsome iron fence built in front of his residence on Washtenaw avenue. John O'Brien did the work. Mrs. A.E.Gregg is visiting her daughter in Marquette. Mrs. A. K. Hale, of Adams, N. Y., has joined her husband here. Charles Kuebler, of Saginaw, is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Kuebler. Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Pomeroy, of Westmoreland, Kansas, the guests of Mrs. Pomeroy's sister, Mrs. W. W. Wetmore, are visiting Mr. Pomeroy's brother' in Northfield. Charles Whitefield Clark, lit '75, U. of M. , of Chicago, took part as baritone in the concert given recently at the Silver Lake assembly in New York. John G Wooley, of Chicago, the temperance I orator, who attended the law department frorn '72 to '73, addressed the assembly Miss Ruby Cross, of Detroit, was visiting in the city this week. Mrs. W. D. Harriman is spending a month at Macalawa Park. Waldo Bacli went to Bay View Monday. Mrs. W. W. Beman and daughter lef t Monday for a visit in Troy, Ohio. Miss Mary Durheim is visiting in , Oraoge, N. J. Mrs. H. J. Brown and family left ' Monday for Truemansburg, N. Y. Ross Granger and family are at Huronia Beach for a two weeks' stay. John E. Hillman has been spendng a vacation at Les Chenaux I3lands. Miss Belle Tumbull is spending three ! weeks in Haniilton, Ontario. Miss Minnie Cowen, of the Terra ; Haute, Ind. , schools, is spending her vacation with her sisters here. Miss Christine Lilly bas gone to Oíd Mission. Dr. C. B. Nancrede has gone to i Charleston, West Virignia. Dr. V. C. Vaughan left for Oíd j sion Monday. Mrs. M. King is spendng a month in i Cadnius. j Dr. W. H. Jackson is spending a three weeks' vacation in Old Mission. Dr. A. K. Hale returned from cuse, N. Y., Tuesday. Misses Hattie and Edna McClue, of Tecninseh, have been visiting with Mrs. D. A. Hamniand for several days. They return home today. Charles F. Wessinger, of Rochester, N. Y. , has been with friends here the ] past two weeks. Miss Edith Polhemus, of Ann Arbor, ' is visiting her cousin, of Scio, for a I week. Miss Lizzie Kemper left yeterday for a week 's visit in Chicago. Misse Bertha Deihl, Amanda Koen and Lou Gerstner start Tuesday for a j trip up around Georgian bay. Rev. Fr. Louis Goldrick, of St. i rick's church, Northfield, did not get away on his vacation last Monday, but expects to leave next Monday for Corry, Pa. He will visit with relatives and take a well merited rest. Will Bowen, of Los Angeles, Cal., is in the city for a few days. F. A. Howlett and family have returned from their outing at Cavanaugh Lakfi. Dr. and Mrs. F. G. Novy are spending five weeks in Battle Creek. Mrs. W. F. Breakey left Monday for a several weeks' stay at Old Mission. Ambrose C. Pack is spending two weeks at Base lake. Mrs. Charles S. Milieu anti son, Clinton,, left Monday for a month at Charlevoix. Miss Nina M. Davison returned Saturday from a two weeks' vacation spent in Toledo, Ohiu. Misses Dorothea and Hattie Kruse, of Grand Rapids, have been visiting Mrs. Fred Kern. Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Miller and D J. Lewis, of Pittsburg, Pa., visited Mr. and Mrs. Fred Besimer last week. Rev. A. S. Carman, of Springfield, Ohio, was m the city last Friday and Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Adam Meuth are visiting friends in Corning, N. Y. Mrs. Martha Wilder and sou, of Chicago, are visiting Mrs. Wilder's parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Brown, on South Main street. Misses Berrha and Sophia Schneiüer are at Whitmore Lake this week. B. F. Schumacher and wife and Robert Schumacher are spending a few days at Brighton. Chas. Andrews and James Harkins were among the Base Lake visitors Sunday.