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Old Leather Breeches.

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Oíd Leather Breeches was at one time the best known guide aud trapper in Pike county, Pa. He lived in the woods not many miles from Milford, the county seat. His proper name no one knew, but on account of the leather trousers which he invariably wore bewas known by eveiy oue as Old Leather Breeches. Only occasional visits were made by the old man to town, and then he carne for tobáceo and whisky. One Sunday morning he walked iuto town and upon aiTiving at his favorite trading place was snprrised to see it closed. "Helio," said he, "somebody dead, I guess. ' ' Proceeding leisurely down the main street, he went to another store, only to find this closed also. Completely nonplnsed, the trapper hailed the flrst passerby with: "Say, who is dead 5 Must be soine big gun, I guess. Where is the funeral?" "Why, this is Sunday, old man," replied the villager. "Sunday! Sunday!" ejaculated Old Leather Breeches in surprise. "Well, I guess ril have to keep an almanao to home af ter this ; had all mv trouble for uothiug. "-


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