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Bicycle Races At The Fair

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Ampng the important events at the Washtenaw Cov&ty's forty-seventh annual Pair to be held at Arm Arbor Sept. 24, 25, 26 and 27, are the bicycle races on Friday afternoon, Sept. 27, the last day of the Fair. Very handsoine and valuable prizes are put up by the citizens and business men of Ann Arbor, besides a liberal donation from the Washtenaw County Fair Association. A list of the events and prizes as near as can be ascertained at this writing is as f ollows : FIBST EVENT. Boys' One Mile Handicap 1 6 years or under. 1. Suit of clothes, donated by Lindenschmitt & Apfel, valued at $10. 2. Dozen cabinet pictures, donated by Gibson & Clark; pair 'of bicycle shoes, donated by Doty & Feiner, valued at 7.50. 3. Silk urabrella, donated by Schairer & Millen, valued at $5. 4. Barrel flour, donated by Dean & Co., valued at f4. 5. Rocking chair, donated by J. Trojanowski; set silver plated tea spoons, donated by J. L. Chapman, jeweler, valued at $4. 6. Boxing gloves, donated by M. Staebler, valued at $3. Total, $33.50. SECOND EVENT. Onft Ralf Mil Onsn 1. Singer sewing machine, donated by L. O'Toole, M. Seabolt and Sanford and Ames, American Express, valued at $50. 2 M. & W. best raciug tires, donated by Morgan & Wright, valned at $25. 3. Webster's unabridged dictionary,. new edition, donated by Geo. Wahr and M. Cavanaugh, valued at $9. 4. Pair patent leather shoes, donated by Wahr & Miller, valued at $6. 5. Barrel fiour, donated by H. F. Frost, valued at $4. Total, $94. THIRD EVENT. Half Mile Midget (or Boys') Race. Eight years or under. 1. Boys' snit of clothes, donated by Star Clothing House, valued at $4. 2. Pair boys' biclcye shoes, donated by M. Staebler, valued at $3. 3. Pocket knife, valued at $1.50. Total, $8.50. FOURTH EVENT. Three Mile Lap Race. 1. Bed room set, donated by Washtenaw County Agricultura! Society, valued at $25. 2. Bed room set, donated by F. Stofflet, valued at $20. 3. Suit of clothes, donated by Joe T. Jacobs Co., valued at $15. 4. Bicycle suit, donated by F. Huntoon, valued at $10. 5. Dozen cabinet photographs and panel, donated by F. J. Rentschler, valned at $6. Total, $76. SPECIAL. One Mile Class A. Match race between several fast riders. 1. Solid gold L. A. W. medal valued at $4 ; donated by M. Staebler Bicycle Emporium. 2. Bicycle canopy, valued at $8, donated by M. Staebler Bicycle Emporium. FIFTH EVENT. One Mile Open. 1. Eldridge sewing machine, donated by S. A. Moran, valued at $35. 2. 12 oz. copper lined bath tub, with 4% inch Fuller bath cock, donated by Kenny & Quinlan. valued at $16. 3. 4-piece silver tea set, donated by B. F. Watts and F. H. Belser, valued at $15. 4. Toilet case, plush, satin lined, donated by E. F. Mills & Co. valued at $10. 5. Silver stop watch, donated by ffm. Arnold, valued at $7. 6. Fine decorated stand lamp donated by W. D. Adams, valued at $5. Toial, $88. SPECIAL. Exhibition Mile by Percy Patterson. SIXTH EVENT. Pive Mile Handicap. 1. Handsome cushioned chair, ionated by Diertele & Co. , valued at (12. 2. Bamboo fishing rod and reel, ionated by Bailey & Dow, valued at 11. ï 3. Grip,donated by Wadhams, Ryan fe Reule, valued at $5 ; dozen cabinet photographs, donated by Gibson & 31ark, valued at $5. 4. Set Rogers' silver plated Tknives and forks, douated by Muehlig & Schmidt; pair fine shoes, donated by Chicago Shoe Sore; valued at $8. 5. Fine pistol, self cocker, donated by Eberbach Hardware Co., valurd at $6. Total, $47. For entry blanke aud information regarding these races address F. Stofflet, i secretary race meet, Aun Arbor, Mich. Entry fee to boys' races, 50 cents. To any other,$l to flrst and 50 cents to each succeeding event. Entriesto handicap races (flrst and sixtli events) must be in not later than Sept. 21. To open and lap events not later than Sept. 25. Fee must accompany blank. Tvo cent postage stamps not over 50 cents, or postal note accepted.


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