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Fire Apparatus In The American Colonies

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The early settlers iu America paid uo atteution toward protecting tbemselves agaiust fire, aud the different colonies nad grown into fair sized commnuities with several industries veil established before auy steps were taken in that directiou. Abont the earliest mentiou of a defiuite niethod of fire protectiou was made at. Salem, Mass., in 1644, when each inhabitant was ordered to be snpplied with a ladder under penalty of a Sne of 5 sliilliugs. These ladders were undonbtedly made in Salem or iu the iinuiediate vicinity, and oue might readily say that here begau au American iudustiy that is now cariïed on so exteusively iu many places aud under a multitnde of different forras. Iu 1648 four flre wardens were appointed in New York city. These raen passed a law to fine every oue whose chimney became foul or whose house was burued by his own carelessness. The money so o'otained was to be used iu the purchase of ladders, hooks and buckets. These were uot provided, however, uutil some yearg later. Boston also took steps in this directiou, and on the first day of the twelfth month of 1053, or, by the moderu method of coniputation, ou Feb. 1, 1G54, the following eutry is found in the town records : "The selectmen have power aud liberty hereby to agiee with Joseph Jynks for Ingius to Carry water in Oase of flre


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