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The Cotirier this week coutains a long a...

The Cotirier this week coutains a long a... image
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The Cotirier this week coutains a long article in favor of the abolitiou of the board of supervisors and the establishment of a board of three county comniissioners to do the work uow done by the supervisors. Without golng into the merits of the qnestion, the reference of the Conrier to the fact that the Courier refers to Ohio as an example of how well the county coruruissionership works, reminds the editor of the Argus of a little experienoe he once had with snob, a boaid in Ohio. They were men below the calibre of the Washtenaw supervisors. He had brought a case bef ore thein where propéVty had been twice assessed and the taxes twice paid to savo the property and asked for a refunding of one of the taxes. Afer flnally getting the matter explained so that they thoronghly nnderstood it imagine his feelings when he was asked by one of the board in the presence of the other two in board meeting, what tbere was in it for the board. On the answer "Not a red cent," the board promptly voted not to allow the claim. And it was only obtained by getting an order from the auditor general. We could not imagine suoh a qnestion being asked in a meeting of the board of supervisors. The world of Moums goes a niourning for 'Gene Field, humorist and poet, ■whose demise in Chicago at the comparatively early age of 45 is generally deplored. The pen falls from the flngers of the brightest and most versatile man of song and of letters the rnid-west has yet produced. And a brother of ns all has gone away. We have met the enemy once again and they are not ours. The off year elections resulted very rnuch in favor or' the republicaas. In f act they were very much "off color." And while the republican sweep was not quite as bad as it was last year there is very little comfort to be extracted for the deinocrats. We all remember how the republieane have tried in years past to make the democratie party bear the odium of mormonism. And yet at the very first state election in Utah, the mormons elected a republicau state government and two republican senators. Who bears the odium of mormonism now? Detroit is now thoroughly Pingreeized. And Hazen sighs for new worlds to conquer. He has shied his castor into the gubeinatorial ring and there will be a pretty contest next year between the Pingree Detroit machine and the McMillan state machine.


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