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Baldness No Objection

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An agent soliciting tradefor a Broadway photographer recemly ualled at the Park avenue hume of oue of New York's ' best known physicians and tiied to conviuce the doctor that he should have his picture takeu. He was selhng 's photograph coupons. The physician has a terribly bald liead. Nothing but a fretfnl fringe remains on an eïstwbile luxurious nead of hair. Ou that account he had long ago given u.p having photographs oí himíelf made, so he replied: "No; thunk yon. I want none of your coupons. I have broken rnyself of the photograph babit. My head is too bald for the business." But the agent was persistent, and flnally the physician said : "I willmake you a fair proposition. I will take a donble dose of your coupons if you will proniise to fix my pictures so the bald spot will noc show. " ,- "All right, " said the agent after a moment's reíiectiou. "Mr. can ar - raiige that. Kuch things are d,one every day in our business. Here are yonr coupons. Come to the gallery for your sittiug next Satnrday." Vv'hen he went to the photographer 's studio the following Saturday, the doctor v as met at the door by a lad who, when the custoiner removed his silk hat, said: "Oh, this is Dr. , is it? Pass right along this way. " Curious to kuow why this lad had been i'orewarned of his visit, the physician passed in and was finally rnet by a young lady, who glanced at his head artd said : "Oh, Dr. , I believe - the man who wishes to have photographs which will indicate that he hüs a full growth of hair on his head?" 'Tm the man," perplexedly replied the phy.siciau as hewent on out intothe operating room. "Ah," said the man in charge of the cameras, "this is Dr. , is it not - the man for whom we are to make photographs which will not show the baldnoss of his head, as our agent promised. Just kindly step over to the other end of the room. No ; do not lay your coat and hat down.. Keep the overcoat on your arm and kindly plaoe your hat on your head. That's right. Now look pleasant, please. There, your picture's taken !" "Well, I hope I can get home without being taken in by a gang of bunko steerers, " said tbe physician, after he realized that he had been made the tim of a clever trick. -


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