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New York, Nov. 7.- Republicana carried New York state by 80,000 plurality, New Jersey by over 15,000, Maryland by 10,000, and claiin to have captured Kentucky. Besides swinging these States over into the Republioan column they inereased their usual raajorities in Massachusetts, Ohio, Iowa and all other states where electlons were held. It was a Democratio Waterloo. Tammany eleoted her looal ticket by about 30,000 and New York city went Democratie for secretary of state by 41,000, but the Republicana carne down to the Bronx with over 100,000 votes to spare. In the Tenth congressional district Amos J. Cummings, Dein., was elected, but nis isuccess was plainly duo to his personal popularity. Of the fifty senators in this state the Democrats elected only sixteen and of the 150 assemblymon only fortysix. Democratie Plnrality Reduced. In the two cities below the Harlem the Democratie plurality of 60,343 two years ago has been reduced about 12,000, giving the state to the head of the Republican ticket by 50,000 plurality in round numbers. The two branches of the legislaturo remain as beforo - under the direction of the Republicana. The election through out the state was orderly and rapidly conducted, and the resulta were quickly compiled. All the talk about the difficulty of handling the blanket ballots went for naught. Sofaras the succesa or failure of the blanket ballot was concerned, the advices from all over the state show that there was little or no trouble and that the ballot was so much of a success that the vote was polled quicker than ever before. Republican Gains General. The total vote of the state shows a falling off compared with the vote of 1893, the decrease being conflned, however, to the districts north of the Harlem river. The city vote was equal to that of two years ago. The senate elected will have part in the election of a successor to David B. Hill, and it is plain that he will not be a Democrat. The Republican gains wero general all over the state. In this city and Brooklyn Republican senators and. assemblymen werc elected whero Democrats have been re turn ed year af ter year. In Brooklyn a Republican mayor pulled through by a narrow plurality. In Albany, Buffalo and other cities big Republican gains were made.


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