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Students Of Many Colors

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I have hi iu my own stndy at Oxford oot c.ily Turks, Araba, Hindoos, Siamese, Japanese and Chinese, but I received on!y (he othfr day a visit from one of the Blackfoot Indians, the first of that tribu who had ever set foot ou Euglish soil, a most iuteresting and intelligent rnan, who was bewailiug to me the fate of bis race, doomed, as he thonght, to disappear from the face of the earth, as if Babylonians aud Assyrians, Acadians aud Hittites had ïiot disappeared before. His uaiue was Strong Bufïalo (uct Büir'alo Bill), and a most poweríul, determiued aud sensible mau he seemed. He remiudod me of a yonng Mobuwk who also used to deplore to me the fate nf his race. He carne to Oxford mauy years ago to study medicine. H& carne iu his paint and feathers, but left iu his cap and gown aud is now a practicing physiciau at Toronto. These visjts of straugers from distant lauds are often highJy iustructive. I' netted some kuowledge of the Alobawk language from Dr. Oronyha Teka. One is thus brought in contact with some of the leadiug spirits all over the world. I have uow, or have had, pupils, friends and comü-pondents in India, Burma, Siam, Japau.Chiua, Korea - aye, even in the Polynesian and JMelanesian islands, in South America aud in several African


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