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Car Fares And Bicycling

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A new rider with a new wheel is as 1 airy and irnaginative as the traditional boy with his first pair of trousers. One of the new rider's most laughable hallncinations is that by pnrchasing a wheel he hasbecomeeconomical instead of extravagant. It ia customary to hear the new rider defend himself from the charges of extravaganoe in the parchase of a bicycle by the declaration that he will, by use of it, soon save in car fares alone more than the wheel's oast. Let no man delude himself with any such idea. Snpposing it were poasible for him to ride a bicycle to and from his work each of the 800 working days in the year - aud such a supposition is away beyond the probabilities in the case - he would storo np in cariare savings bnt $80 per annmn, at which rate it would take just three years and fonr months for him to garner the $100 pile his wheel had cost him. Therefore stich arguments are fallacions, and should at once and forever be abandoned. Don 't hide behind a subterfuge so weakas this cariare allegation. Be honest with yourself and the world. Say it right out, so all may hear you, that you have bought a wheel because you want to ride one, because of the pleasure it gives and the wider scope it gives you when an outing is possible. If that is not sufficient to silence those who criticise you, leave them to their ways and go yonrs awheel, satisfied that yonr investment in a bicycle yields you never failing dividends of health and ness. -


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