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A GRAND OFFER! EBËX MME. A. RUPPERT'Í rif IX FACE BLE ACH ,-?&. MME. A. RUPPERT r-'&l ? saye: "lappreciatethefaet $9sít' íliwta tha(; there are mnny thouPJffiLdótíSn&H sandsofladiesintheUnited &3KMrúaB ra States tbafwould liketotry j MÏ my World-Renowned Face J.J2&ÍK. Iot Bleach: but have been TggSMM "s" ï tept from doing so on acítíft L Á&K countof price,wnichis$2.00 ï?ii pcrbottleorSboitlesiaken JpflSwX j JÜÜ toeether, 5.00. In order tMÍ4'' ÖSs: that all of these may hare %t T anopportunity 1 1 will pive Njgpf 9' to every callei absolatel free, a sample bottle, anrl tfüCt 2rin order tosupplythose out 't2S=-iS ïzï= of city ,or in any partof the wcr!d,Iw!lleond ltsafely packedin plainwrapper ücbarges prepaid, for 25 ceuts, silver or stamp." n every case of freckle, pimples, moth, salïowness, blackhc:idfl,'acne,eczema,oi]iness,roughriess, or o.ny discoloration or disease of the pkin, and wlnkles (not caused by facial expression) FACB Bleach removes abPolutcly. It does not cover up, as cosmetics do, but Is a cure. Address MAJ5A5IE A. K"ÜPPE"RT,(Dept.O.) HO. O EcQtI4th St., NEW YORK CITY. fevSend for a Cfilli IR7Q Kt ion of TH IS 4. JtÖ BREED, - U,1.U.I1UIJO ÉkJrhichWwOeighed FDB BBLEDINS P11EPÖSE3 KSL 2806 Ihs. IN 1894. ■First applicant from each local; fipr jty can have a pair on time PPagency an L. B. Silvep Co., Cleveland, O. i i 1 l t J ff! - tí ajS-.-rf s p L 11 f j i B. w. l-rï 'S u o s i 'I 3 tl ■ l i;l il i 5 ? i! i -.91} I I II I i : ' DANGEROÜS GROCERIES ' are easX to buy and hard to detect. But pood grocerlès are f ully as easy to buy if you only know whore as dangerous ones, and tliogroceriea that We are in tlie ha bit of dealing out are not only fiood, but you'll kuow thöyare Kood on the veiy flrst trial. That's the trial we want you to give them. l Aftor the trial your verdict wijl be the . simple word 'best" or the simpler word "more" and you will get more as others do. T ■ STAEPLESfc & CO., t 1 Phonc 141. 41 S. Main St EISENBARTH ; LI VER PILLS Will stiraulate a sluggish system into t . iiealtby action. r MANN'S DRUG STORE, 39 S. Main Street. ; ]El White Tokay The Best for all Purposes, ' MANN BROS., Druggists, 36 S. Main St. - ANN ARBOR


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