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The State Public School

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The state public school, for the care of the dependent, neglected and ill treated children of Michigan is an instituten of which the people of Michigan inay well be prond. It has solved the flnanoial problem of taking care of these children, and as a protective measure against pauperism, vice and crime, its valne to the public is imïneasnrable. Bef ore its foundation there was no place for the children thrown upon public charge, except the county houses, where they were necessarily under the debasing influence of pauperism and vice. At a time in their lives wheu impressions received are most lasting, they were thrown among those whose influence is almost uniformly bad, and their young lives were thus bligbted. The establishment of the state public school ruarked an epooh in the child life of Michigan. The state assumes the right to the guardianship of those children who are dependent, neglected or iJl treated, and cares for them by fnrnishing them a temporary home at the school where, by ineans of perfect physioal comfort and healthful moral training, they are led to forget their old life and become prepared to take their places with their more fortúnate fellows iu the families and public schools thoughout the state. Since the opening of the institution in 1874, nearly 3,700 children have been received and cared for. There are now in the institution about 200, and over 1,350 are with good families throughout the state and underthe supervisión of the school. The others have passed uot fiom under the school's control. Those with families are placed on contracts whioh provide for their proper care and education ;f g $gg Is it not probable that there are many in this vicinity who would gladly take one or more of these cihldren iuto their homes and mako them their owii? The nurnber of children the Coldwater school has placed iu Washtenaw coanty homes is 44, 24 of whom were girls. Auy informatiOD desired may be had by addressing A. J. Murray, superintendent, Coldwater, Mich., or D. B. öreene, agent for Washtenaw county, Ypsilanti, Mich.


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