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GÍFTS . . fg I 'The early bird cratches the WOrm. By that we mean 1 íf you come early to select your goods yon have a C 1 assortmenttose ectfrom. We engrave and pack goods ree 3 SS: of chariío and also ship them if so desired R,, a 2 at a RELIARLE house, established ,8S3 yoLy""' Í g sider your-self safe and assured of good quality at io ' 3 pnces. ' w Leading Jewelers of Washtenaw. 1 Soap boxes Scissors Match s'ifes fc Bon bon boxes Memorandum books CoatmaiW t Pin boxes Game scorer Cnrlinz irons t: Stamp boxes Baby whistles Orange holderj L Whisk brooms Baby rings CurlinV Ons with 2 S: Ilatbrushes Leather pocket ipnï = fe Silverbacked books Pocket cimir cutter, 3 L brushes Ladiea' garters Pocket knives S 3 fe Comb brushes fan holders Tooth Diok hnirto, 5 B TTairbrushes Manicure sets CiSté hílders 8 1 L Pocket combs Oigar cases Rey rings 2 fe Combs Gripmarks Umbrelln tnarks Side eombs Finger nail polishers Hat marks zz Hair ornamenta Bon-bon dishes Necktie clasDa t Glove buttoners Suspendéis Bicycle marks 3 fe Fin ser nail files Iland mirrors Lapel bouauet Bhoe buttoners Whisky flasks P q hoiders = E Shoe spoons Silver buckles Photo easels Paper cutters Ink stands Letter stands 3 fe Card cases Silver picture stands Tea balls L Miniture mirrors Thermometers WATCHES, CLOCKSTJEWELRY, 1 We guarantee any watch or dock leaving our large = CHRISTMAS stock and will repair free of eharge. opt!cíiil $ pepaítMent. 1 ff v ni baví' nót 'lie time to have glasés fitted to the eye 3 pftE tlip;i pnrtíhasé t'ia. gift .in-i the doner will come in after S ■ 'Das and have tV pro-vr Jasses fitted, free of charge, by a 3 comp !"■'. ■nd expYÍtnced optician. H I ?4M:rMir?Ñ spooinís. U. OF M. SPOONS. CHRISTMAS SPOONS. 1 1 Halters Jewelry Store, 1 46 S. MAIN ST., ANN AREOR, MICH.


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