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Circuit Court Cullings

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The fnllowing oases bava been dis posed of in circuit conrt tliis week : 3 Autboqy Burke vs. Mauly J. Füvnham; disoonfiuued wiVbout oost. Felix Duulavy vs. George Marshall saine. Lncy Marsbal] vs. Meivin C. Petersou ; game. "tin Ryan vs. Fred Boos; same. t People vs. Walèer E. Fiok; plearled guilty to i cliargo nf simple assmilt, Beutepced to 80 days in jaü. ■People vs. P.iní G. Snkey; continuod to first day of next term. Win. Britton vs. L. S. & M. S. R. R. ; d'efendant given 60 days forther tiino in which to file hill of oxeeptions. Fied Boos vs. Martin Ryan; discontiuned. Frauk Kopp vs. M. C. R. R. ; 20 days given iu wbiuh to file bill of exOHptions. The following cases were continned to the first day of the next term : People vs. John Harrison and Anna E. Bryant; People vs. Houry Frey; Chas. A. Sloat vs. L. S. & M. S. R. R; Walter A. VVood vs. Albert Gerster; Jobu E. Whaley vs. James Gauntlett ; People vs. Jacob Mack.


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