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A Long Continued Case

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As hard and long a contested case as will likely figure upon the December court calendar, was that of Dr. Chriscian F. Kapp vs. Qeorge Hemindiuger, which was begun on Wednesday of last week, and which did uot go to the jury until 4 :30 o'clook Wednesday af ternoon last. The case attracted a great arnouut of attention, interest growing as the case Cime nearer and nearer to its close. Kapp's claim, it will be remembered, was for attending Hemindinger's family in Manciiester when they were ill with the small pox, a year ago this last fall. The senior Hemindinger became exposed to the disease while in Detroit, bringing it home with hitn, and beiug the first one to come down with it. Befo.e the end, Heinindinger's family of six had the disease and tiiree other cases developed in the neighborhood. Hemindinger's house was tnrned into hospital for all the cases. Kapp's bill ainounted to over $1,500 in the Hemindinger family. He charged $7 for each visit fco the eider Hemindinger, and $13 for the other membersof the family wbo were affected at the same time. An endeavor was made to show that Kapp was not a wonderful doctor, and was a sewing machine peddler as well as physician. The planitiff's attorney, however, believed that the fact that Kapp did not lose a patiënt dnring the whole epidemie was a sufficient gnarantee of his skill. It was also claiméd that Kapp placed a wash oa Heinindinger's face whioh oaused him great p tin a d r the diaenosise that the inalady as erysipelas. The evidence was ed over in all its rninntae, and if there is anything left now for either contestant, the lawyers will not hold themselves to blame. A. J. Waters, of Manchester, and E. B. Norris and J. F. Jjawrence, of this city, were attornpy3 for plaintiff, while A. F. and A. M. Freeman, of Manchester, and A. JSawyer, of this city representad the defendant. The above case had already cost the county a total of $1,40,"! for the payment of doctors' and nurses' bilis at the time. This total has been added to in the cost of the jury and other oourt costs during the 8 3Vtm days of its trial. The jury in the case deliberated from 4:30 until 10 o'clock Wednesday night, when a verdict was rendered giving the plaintiff $400.


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