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Local Opinion Upon President Cleveland's Recent Message To Congress

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Tbe Times of last printed the following: The Times started out to see huw people feit about President Cleveland's recent message, and found Unit there was a general feáHng oL' sa.tisfaction. with it in iliis coniimmity. There sccms to be no one iniripat n actual conflict with Great Britain. The feelbag is that the fnterests of the Englisih leople on this continent are too extenslive with the United States itseli, and that Canada lies too uncomfortably wide open to American invasJon. for England to risk war with this this country. Ilowever, the Monroe doctrine as nn utterance of national policy reeelves tuearty support from inen of all partles iu this citj', and Cleveland's recent örm uttcraiice of a determina fcion to uphold thtvt policy in the present eontlngency is received with genera) approval. llon. A. .1. Sawyer was caugHt just (jomlng out cjf the court room: "I am heaiiily in sympatny with tihe ]osiiion taken by the presid-ent iu hi.s message. The rnited States slimild permli nu [Ilegal encroachments by au Europeau power upon the tew-üory of a aislter Aniei-icau republic. II' that jneans war. we must nht." .Tud};e E. D. Klnbe had jus.t descended from the beuch: "It is a verj' able state paper, and a strong prescirtulion oL the Aniericaii positiou. He is undoubredly rïght in his applicatlon of the Monroe doctrine, i do not regard war as imminent." Kvart Soott shouted from the back end of a street car: "1 aan glad to lind one opportunity of heartlly tog with President Cleveland. I have been so thorougbly disgustad abont Ila.waii. He shows lio has sonn: backbone after all." .lust U-u Pond: '"It is a. just ïvtrilmtion on Knglaml. Monroe announeed iliis doctrine, the EugHsh claim, at Caantng'a aolicitatlonl and now it bes pot very seriously info their way. The massage was températe and tana." E. F. Mills, halted bet ween two snics: "The president is all rdght in tliav matter, pèrfeotly sonniL" Dr. Ai K. Hale: "The president is all rij?ht. I am glad he has shown proper spirit." Aid. Brown: "The message is a eonolns-ivo answer to people wbo have been charLing him wdth lack of firmness and patrktlsm. He is right and will have the people back of hárn." M.. J. Lehman was in a hurry: "I ha.ven't read it yet; judgtng from the meturess it is all vight."


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