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A bookbindery will be established iu connection with the university. Tbe college students will all leave Hxe city today for the holidays. The Glee and Banjo Clnb appeared in Detroit last Friday night and were well received. The Gradúate Club held its second anetiug of the year with President Angelí Tuesday night. Tbe Inlander was issued Monday, and it is very creditable Christmas number iaving raany artices of interest. The first social to be given after the ifaolidays will be on the evening of Jaa. 10, at Granger's Aeademy, by the olaes of '98. Ifc has been decided to unite the oratorical associations for the intercollegate debate, p be called the Oratorical Association. A sensible thing is to be done at Ctomell. A pension fund is to be established for professors who have retired íram teaching on account of old ase. Dean Sutchins, of the law school will expel students who insist on making a distúrbanos in class room. He -faas issned his ukase, altimatnm and general order No. 1 to that effect. The university will look very peculiar with the old domo goue, but the aregents at their meeting last Priday deided to have it removed, considering it dangerous. The roain building will Jhave a new roof built in the spring. The Redpath Burean Coinpany appeared in the S. C. A. course at ■ Uui■versity hall last Saturday night to a üarge and enthusiastic audienee, Mrs. Johnstone Bishop, the soprano, of Chicago, was especially weil received. The inter-society debate oocurred Tuesday night in the lecture room. Tfaere were three prizea offered, first, 25; second, $15; third, 10; and the "winner of the prizes will represent Michigan in the coming debate with Frank P. Sadler, '96, has beenchosen to deliver the Union League address foefore the Chicago schools on Washington's Birtbday. A representativo is chcsen from the different colleges for the purpose, and Mr. Sadler thus goes trom Michigan. The Sophoruore's annual publication, the Oracle, was issued this week and it is a very neat and attraotive book. "The contenta included drawings of neatnessand literary work of high order, pablication in every way reflects credit vnpou its board of editors. D. B. Luten, '94, isnow professor at Pnrdoe. He taokled the football game last Saturday, playing with the faonlty in their battle against the seniora, linten had his ankle broken, bnt he doesn't feel half so bad about thafc as .he does that the professors were beateu Ifoy a score of 20 to 0. Chicago. The jndges were Prof. Adams and Mechem, and Mr. Coler. The question debated was, "Resolved that a graduated property tax is one that ' should bfi adopted by the states. " The first prize went to Mr. Vert, the firafc speaker who took the affirmative of the debate. The second prize went to Mr. Block, the third to Mr. Albright. Every inch of space on tbe Art Gallery walls is occnpied by the paintings seceived froin the Lewis collection, bnt axen witn this crowding, rhere is room för bat abont fifty ont of the eutire collectiüc. There are about 250 that most toe stored away uutil room is provided ior ihem. These will not be stored in the "whispering gallery, " as was origánally intendcd; so that historie njys ery wül still be open to the pnblic. It Se atended to place a collection of the gaorfcraits of noteworthy men who have bees connected with the University in Ébo iibrary reading room.


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