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Londox, Dec. 19. - In spite of the prominonce whioh all the newspapers give to President Clovland's message to congress on the Venezuelanboundary question, the general public here refuses to get excited or even interested in the matter. At the hotels, clubs, railroad stations, etc, the matter is rarely alluded to. Those who have read the correspondènce resent President Cleveland's attitude, but the almost invariable answer received to the reporter's inquiries for an expression of opinión ie: "Whac is it all about, anyway?" The message, however, is being used on the Stock Exohange to hammer American securities. Consols also declined, but there was no excitement. One newspaper remarked: "ïhe Yankee jobbers are tho only persons injured by the mossage and they iiave jusD ground for complaint." New Vork Comueutg Reprinted. The editorial comments of the New York World and the New York Evening Post on the situation are reprinted here with approval, as indicating American opinión of the situation. ïhe radical evening newspapers take tho most serious view of the situation. The Star in a doublé ooi umn asks: "Is It War?" Editorially The Star remarks: "It is difficult to exaggerate the gravity of the situation. The United States may be assured that Englishmen, regardless of party, will abide firrnly by Lord Salisbury's claims and will not submit 'to be bounced." "Public opinión," says tho Westminster Gazette, "will unanimously support Lord Salisbury, bat it is a pity he enlarged the dispute and attacked th Mon roe doctrine "


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