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Social Gathering Of The Fellows Family

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Thñ aunnal meeting of the Feiïows family was held this year at the home of A. G. Molntyre, of York, Dec. 31st. Owing to the terrible condition of the roads only aboat thirty answered the roll cali. After tbe "chickeu pie tlinner" C. M. Fellows called the assernbly to order The seci'etary read the report of tbe last meeting which was approved. Tiie historian, E. W. Hunt. of Manchester, learned from traditiou tbnt rnany years ago five brothers camo fiere from England and he believed all tho?e who bear that name in this country are the desoendants of those five brothers. The first definite historyhe has was that, of Obed Fellows who was born in Can on, Connnecticut, in 1 742, and was the great, great graudfather of the most of those present. From Counecticut, ' ruany of the family migrated to the ■west and settled in New York, and iu 1826 fonr brothers, Leonard, Festns, Hirlnw, and Albert Fellows, setfled in Michigan. Mauy of their descendant j have gone still farther west. The object I of this gathering is to promote love and frioudship among those who are near ! enougb for attendance and retain a historical family record. There was a good attendance of the yonnger portion of the relativea and they snggested that as the college fraternities had their greeting couplet, the Fellows society should have theirs and arranged the following : "Hurrah ! hurrah ! Bingo Bnff, Fellows people are the s;uff, " Which they gave with a right gnod will. Aniong those present from a distance were Rev. O. F. Wintnn. of Futon, son of C. U. Fellnws-Winton. and Mrs. Ella Robison, of Louisville, Kv. , danghter of Qeorge Moore, of Aun j Arbor, and grand danghter of Mrs. Phebe Fellows-Hunt. The officers for the ensning year are aa foltows: President, C. U. Follows; Sd-retary, Charles Leason ; histuriaii, ü. VV. Huut. j Arijourned to meet nrxc year with ; Henry Leasou, oí Manchester.


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