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New YoKK.Jan. 2. - ïho Worla this anoining saya: Three ancient niaps have teen brought to ligiu which throw new light on the Venezuelan question. They iré f r-im tïie collection of Dr. J. H. W. ! ÍH:u-ki'i)i)-rr, ; wt-U-.nown vrlcer and al sou-nee and philosopby, o! Cambri ',. -. The thive niüps hicli dea.! with ancient Gtüana linos ara as fol] 1. - V Qiap of the Dutcb Guiana colonies i ei! for th ■ colonial department of tavinn ïxpubiio at abol tho time ■ Dutci, Galana a:s being ceded to Great : Britaia, prtiited in Amsterdam in r. -. This map shows a Um starting from i Dutcii post al the nouih of tiic 'Orinoco and (tr.iwii straight hito the interior, which is markod as tho limit of Spanlsh posses-sions. 2. - A map of America made by G. Do Lisie, "flrst gftography to :bo kmg," for Í Louis XV ot :,,;u'i v:!iu"l in Amsterdam, where ne.irly ali maps were the:i prinu-d. in 1774. ïliis map shows .Dutch Guiíina with a line pracüoally tho same ! as the Sohomborg line. 3. - A map of America made by John Janvier, geograpüer.and printcd in Venice in 3 77C This is tiie same, in a goneral way, as the Frenes map, bul shows the Dutch settlement of New Middleborough considerably west of the Essequi bo line.


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