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í - ■ I 1 K. WILLIAMS, Atiarno? at Law and Pension Cl&im ttornev,MILAN. Mil H. Conveyancing: and Colleotions. I ■ . I Michigan (Tentai, "The mugara Falls Route." j CENTRAL STANDARD TIMETaking Effect Nov. 24, 1895. GOING E AST. Detroit Night Ex 5 40 a. m. Atlantic Express 7 80 " (irand KapidsEx 11 06 Mail and Express . 3 50 p. m. N. Y. & Boston Sp'l 5 00 Faat Kusten 10 12 GOING WEST. Gd. Rápida Fa't N'pa'r 2 53 a. ín. Boston, N. Y. & Ch T 80 Mail & Express S 88 North Bliore Limited 9 25 Fast Western Ex 2 OOp.m. G. H. & Kal. Ex 5 55 Chicago Nigbt, Ex 10 28 Pacific Express 12 15 0.W.BUGGLE3 H. W.HAYFS, G. P. ft T. cent i ihíoa-ju. A-, lun A rbor. fflk tlmt ti-i Eí Bal lilitl" 7,'nitcii MM my World-Beo&Trned íack % Bi-EAcn: íínt Sirvo beoii -.-V kept Lpom di Ins ' on crtÁ- COUDtof prlce,wQtchli M-j per bottleoí :'utMeatiik6ii fíftí tosotli"r, ViSñ. In order gji thut all oi lhu;JO nTh:.yj an opportunlty, I wllï gi?9 freo, a sítinnlo lxttlu, ani ; Afc avvlnordertosupplytluweout 1 - -ic of city.orinany partof tho ■ world.Iwillsenrt Itcsafely pckeliii plnin-wrapper ! all charles prcpuid, for 25 cents, silverorstacip." I ín everyensoof fí-rrUJef, pimpkis.nioth, salI lowness, blackheuda. acne.eciema, oillness .rtraphi ncsa.or any diwcolonition or diseasof thfiskin, i nnd wrlnkles (not catised by fuclul exprcssionj. I FaCB Bi.KACH removes ab?olnt."'.!y. It does not cover up, as cosmética do, butísíicuro. Addres MADAME A. KUPPEKT, Oepu O.) No. e Eaetí4th St.. NEW YORK CITY, [MiTPUSTER! LIME AND CEMENT. DRAIUILE. LOUIS ROI-2BEI, Main Office - 36 E. Hurón Street. Yards - 50 West Hurón Street. fcs.Send for a Cfll n IC7Q KLtion o f TH IS ULÜ Ib0 MpiiciTweighed FBH BBEEÜINE PUBPDSES Wmt 2806 Ibs 'N 1894. íMFirst applicant from each localBpr ity can have a pair on time Rgean L.B. SilverCo., Cleveland, 0. E !-!■ F.n"llh DUmond Brand, tt ,.,:.,. . PILLS OftchiiUinil nly Ofiicilnc. A '■'? 'ití 'IViko VS' ... wod4c. i'i . , 1 1 . nii'i Llj 'nnlief fr IioileUi ■■' ' ' ' " rljum P Mull. IO,O -- rChloheterCheinlolEo.,MulliiSqp}52 íold bj mi Louai Urucíibl. 1-ÜUuUu.. 1 . Pensions! lf youwant a Penelon, orre rating, oran auestlon i ni Pension or pATKWTcaae wrtto J. L. ÖTAKKWEATI-JICK, Attorney Borneo, Mich, Mr. Starkwemhor seoured over ten per cent of all original E'ensionx allowed in Michigan for the month of Aug-unt., 1800; 60 allowed.Detroit Yreo Prees.


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