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The niagwurup press has had a bad case o...

The niagwurup press has had a bad case o... image
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The niagwurup press has had a bad case of hysterics for fear this oonntry might have war with England. Eugland, which pro-worded the Monroe doctrine and declined to arbítrate her claims to Veneznelan territory. is, olünbing down off her high horse and now proposes to come to an agreement with Venezuela. President Cleveland's offence in mngwsmp eyes was bis planting hiniself on Amerioan dootrine ■o squarely that England could not hope to bndge him from his position. Kngland wants Venezuela's territory but not badly enough to go to war with a big nation for it, espeoially when she took such big chances of losing the rest of her American territory. Cleveland's aiessage was not a war message, but neither did he favor peace at the oost of national disbonor. The Monroe doctrine is more firtnly entrenohed than ever. ________ A Bay Citygirl, enraged at her father because he would not allow her to go to a party, attempted to stab herself with a butcher knife. One of her coret steels protected her from the knife jab and she will recover. A similar case is reported from Long Island, N. T., where a girl told her lover that unless she accepted his hand she wonld aw her good right arm off. He refnsed to accept. She endeavored to put her threat into exeoation in her lover's presence, but the saw after two hours of patiënt work with it, failed to penétrate over three inches into the sleeve. As the younglady had flve feet one and oae half inches yet to go before ahe got to the flesh, she beoame discouraged and is Btillalive. Arthur Brown is now a United States senator. He hails from the Mormon state. He is not a democrat. ;: This snfiiciently assures us that this Arthur Brown is not the last democratie county olerk of this country - he is not a Mormon - not he - and ho is a democrat with a big D. By the way, ís it not a little curióos that the ödinm of Marmonism was thrown on the democrats by the repnblican orators in a number of campaigns, and as quickly as they are admitted iuto the Union, they turn ont fulJ fledged republicana? A red hot cau.paign will be put up for the republican gubernatorial nomination this year iu spite of the $3,000,4)00 state taxes, which ought in all conscience to defeat the candidate. This congressional district has two aspiran ts, O'Donneli, of Jackson, and Conant, of Monroe. Mayor Pingree, of Detroit, will ent quite a figure in the contest and Col. Bliss and ex-Senator Wheeler both have stroiig followings. Congressman Aitken will lead the free silver forces and besides these a number of other candidates are still in the woods. Woman's suffrage has been defeated in Massachusetts by a vote of more thaii two to one of the men and althongh the wouien were given a chance to vote upon the proposition, only one ■woman in twenty availed herself of the privilege. Evidently the women of Jiassachnsetts don't want the ballot ▼ery badly.


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