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Upholds The Doctrine

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Washington. Jan. 16. - At the meeting of sonate commitfcee on foreign relations Wednesday the rosolution prepared by Senator Davis for tne oommittee, deflning the legislativo action, the attitude of this country tovvard foroign enoroachments on the western hemisphere, in accordance with the Monroe doctrine, was reported to the coininittee. The rosolution was disciissod at somo lengili, bat final consideraron of it was Dosiponed until next Friday, when a special meeting of the coiamittej will be held to consider the resolutlon and the entira subject which it covers. While the comniittee is almost unanimons in advocacy of such a declaration títere is somo objection, especially on the part of Senator Gray, who exprssed the opinión that uuless the declaration was modifled in aome particulars, it might laad to compHcations which might be avoided by proper care at this time. Other members consider the problem one of such magnitude and involving so many possible contingoncies as to render it important to avoid the appearance of undue kaste. The text of the resolution was not giren out, but it is understood that it is trong and conciso declaration, assertaorting the American doctrine in unmistekable terms.


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