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Tüditor Argus : Dear sir. - 1 have been very mnch pleased at tbe Jcontrovery going 011 iu yonr paper iu regard to how onr city received its name. My f atlier, who was oue of the early pioneera (he carne here before '30) ofteo related to me many incideuts relativo to the early happenings in Ann Arbor, tba are nofc down in any bistory. One day, being of an inqnisitive turu of mind, Iaskedjbim how onr city received its ratter' peculiar name, and wby the name was modified. Tbe following is bis versión and there cau De no doubt abontits being correct. Allen aud JRumsoy, theearliest settlers, liad wives by the name of Ann. The place tliey selected lookod so beautiful that they then and there named the place in honor of their better halves. It was spelled Ann's Arborer (uo H). Later ou the Arborer (oíd style of spelliug) was ohanged to tbe present style. Files of oíd Aun Arbor papers are in the píoueer room, where the curious can be satisfled as regard s the above. If this is to be thoroughly inveatigated why not interview the venerable, noble oíd man, Ex-Governor A. Feleh or .T. Q. A. Sessions, Daniel B. Brown, N. B. Covert, J. ,T. Parshall, Geo. A. Peters, Wm. Wagner, Ross Waterman, Mr. Woodrnfï and others. Respeotfuly, Clark.


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