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Death Of Mrs. J. C. Watts

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Emily E.,wife of J.C. Watts, died at her home, 35 E. Liberty st., Sunday morning. She leaves besides her husband a daughter Carrie Watts, and two sons, Herbert C. Watts, of Syracuse, N. Y., and Harry H. Watts, of Detroit. The deceased was born at Evns, Erie county, N. Y., Sept. 8, 1851, and has been a resident of Ann Arbor for half a century. She was a member of the Presbyterian church and had always been very prominent in church work. She was also well known in charity work and looked well after the poor, and there were many of them who called her blessed. Mrs. Watts had been in poor health for many years, but the immediate cause of death was la grippe. The funeral occurred Tuesday afternoon, Rev. J. M. Gelston officiating. Numerous floral tributes and the large attendance showed the high esteem in which the deceased was held. The remains were laid to rest at Forest Hill cemetery. "When I awake" it will be morning, The night forever past With all its glooins and fearing, With all its fever-dreaming ; Light, joyous light, at last, "When I awake," - then no more sleeping. "When I awake" it will be morning. The pathway blindly trod With footsteps weak and failing, Illumed and olear, revealing The purpose of my God. "When I awake" - then no more doubting. "When I awake" it will be morning. And no more orushing pain With all its tears and sighing, With all its grief aud orying, No more falling rain ; "When I awake, " - then nomoregrieying. "When I awake" it will be morning. Then rest, yes, perfect rest-. And no more care-wom mtising, No moantain clifiFs and climbing, No looking to the west; " Wheu I awake, " - no weary toiling. "When I awake" it will be moming; The loved ones gathered home. With no more words of parting, No trembling tear-drop starting In heaven's celestial dome; "When I awake," - then blessed greeting. " When I awake" it will be morning; A Sabbath keeping time; A seraph harp then tnning? Au angel lyre then s weeping? Ah, more than thie be mine "Wben'I awake," - the "new song" L5rSinging. ''When I awake" it will be morning; "I shall be satisfied, " No distant far-off reaching For something ever fleeting ; With Thee, the crucified, I shall awake and know no longing. "When I awake" it will be morning; Ah, then, why fearto sleep? See, from the tomb uprising The Savior intercediug; My sonl He'll safely keep Till I awake-