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FOR YOUR i Stomach. I !"■ ng'"'Q3lO not give it food that will irrítate it, Ral or retare! it in the performance of its W i natural functions, or it will retalíate % m &H n a way decidedly unpleasant. ( Have you a headache, a distress in your stomg; ach, a pain in the side, or an irritation of the ; skin? These are the symptoms of disordered E digestión resulting from unwholesome food. S$ Alum baking powders are responsible for a L: large part of this unwholesome food, for it is a @ fact, récognized by all physicians, that alum renders food with which it is mixed partially S indigestible. The danger to the public is not trifling, for w alum baking powders are numerous. How are they to be avoided? Baking powders soíd, eíther whole% % sale or retaíl, at a íower príce than " Royal," are almost ínvaríatly made % from alum, and therefore of ínfew ríor qualíty and dangerous to health. Royal Baking Powder is made of cream of q tartar, a pure, wholesome fruit acid derived from grapes. It adds positively anti-dyspeptic qualS) ities to the food. It makes finer, lighter, sweeter food, and is more economical in use, because of its greater strength. @ ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., 106 WALL 8T., NEW-YORK.


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