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Fun For Bank Clerks

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A London merchant has a portrait of himseif engraved on his ehecks so that ■wheu he pays a bilí his creditor has the satisfaction of gaziiig upon the counterfeit presentinent of the payer. These checks go to different towns and pass through' varions banks and clearing honses. When the gentleman who thus advertises himself has his deposit booksettled at the end of the month and gets back his oanceled checks, it is a question ■whether he is pleased or vexed. The portrait on each and every check is ornaruented in a manner that is, to say the least, startling, and the more banks the check has passed the greater the change. The first clerk through whose hands the paper passes will adorn the picture ■with a fierce mnstache, the next will add a beard, the next a pair of goggles, and the uest ruay chango the aquiline nose to a retrousse. All thechangescapableof being made are rung, acd by the time the check geta back the self advertiser doesn't


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