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Cincinnati, Feb. 20.- Two morning papers publish a startling statement made to thern by Miss May Smith of Louisville, who is acquainted with the aocused murderers, Walling and Jackson. Sho sayg she was in Cincinnati Jan. 14 and took supper with Jackson at Heider's restaurant. Jackson told her that his friend Will Wood at Greencastle, Ind., had got a girl into a bad condition; that Wood was going to send the girl here and he would put her out of the way. Miss Smith says she cautioned Jacksoa of the danger of discovery in such an enterprise. Ho said he was too smart to be discovered. She said after the murder of Feb 1 Jackson wrote saying he had disposed of the girl- meaning Pearl Bryan- by " ." L,eft the Letter in Louisville. The long dash in tne letter was left for Miss Smith to Uil in from her memory of bhe conversation at Heider's on Jan. 14. She says that she left the letter in Louisville sccurely hiddon. Ii that letter in Jackson' g handwriting can be obtained it will be damaging evidence. If what she says about its lading place is true the letter will bo recoverod. A dispatch f rom Louisville says: Invesjigation in this city into the lifo of May 3mith, who is eonneciod with Jackson and Walling in the Poarl Bryan af:air, develops the fact she came here early n January, being employed by Byron Lister and wife in the druss-cutting business, tíhe reiuained there untü Saturday night a week ugo, when her brother frora ïovington, Ky., ualled for hor to t-ako her lome. Mr. Lister said that on raadiug he iirst account; of the affair tho girl appeared horriüed. Corresponded witli tlie Two Men. She had oeen in correspondence with both Jackson and Walling and had told Mrs. Lister she. was eugaged to Walling. Miss May Smith is between 18 and 2U years of ago aud has dark eyes and black hair and is quite pretty. Mr. Lister saya that a man namod Swan, who is connected with the Palaoo hotel in Ciucinn tti, was a correspondent of May Smith and that she wascontinually getcing letters from Swan, Walling ud Jackson. When the locket was found n Cincinnati he lioard ,May exclaim: 'Why, I know that lockoc. It was Jackon's andoontainedalockof Poarl Bryan's ïair." Know of tlie Opcration, "I am posi.ive," he aaid, "that she inew of the operation porformod on Pearl 3ryan by Wnlling." Concerniug tho letters and papers of ie Smith girl, the lady wtio keep the warding house at töl Fourth street, said that there had beun a lot of letters and telegrams found undor the mattress of the bed which May Smith occupied, but that they had beon burned by a little girl in tho house. Mrs. Lister said: "I did not read the letters bus the lady of the house did. One was from a girl in Cincinnaii which s;ud Lon was sick. Lon is, youkuow. The leiter was datel after the day of the ïnurüer. The letters were of uo ünportance and had nu bearing un the case and were burned."


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