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No Strength In Whisky

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Becanse alcohol is a stimulant and will mske a tired or a -weak man fee! stronger fur a short time it is thcnght that the alcohol imparts strength. The trntfa is, it sirnply acis like the prick of a spur to a fagged horse. The human machine, thns "spnrred" to new activity, runs ou for n time longer, but at wfaat coat! Eacbheart beat is more forcible, and at the same time the number of pnlsatious peí minute is increased. Thus, innteud of beicg ailowed to rest and repair the waste ■which bas already been too great, the whole organiam is "whipped" on to continued action by the stimulaut and greater waste is compelkd from the overworkod tisoues. As a rule, the process of degeneration is so gradüaliy brougbt aboutthat it isattribnted I'O other canses and not infrequentlyruore stimnlantsaroordered as a remedy. Brtt a more disastrous effect of moderate drinking is that produced on the nervous system ajv, upon that great nerve center, the brain. The functious of this organ are blnnted by the continnous use of alcohol. The constant, moderate drinker receives moet injury to this, aa to all the other organs of the body. The first stream of blood uent off from the heart, after ít comes to that great f orce pump from its purifioation in the lungs, is sent to nourieh the brain. If this stream is vitiated by the contiiraous presenoe of a poison like alcohol, the effects on the brain are pronouuced. The brain cells are stimulated to excessive activity, and soon a point is reached when the stimulant is necessary to prompt them to normal action. By and by a point is reacbed when even this exciter to activity can no longer ïtir up the impaired cells enongh to enable


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