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An Overshadowing Evil

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There is today in tho Engiish speaking couutries no encii treruendous, farreaching, vital question a that of drunkenness. In its iniplication and ef fects it overshadows all else. It is imposible to examine anysnbject connected with the progrese, tbe civilization, the physical well being, tha religioua conditiou of the rnasses without enoounteriug the tcoustrous eviL It liea at tha center of all social aDd political misehief. It paralyees energiea in every direction. It neutralizes eduoational agencies. It silences the vo:ce of religiĆ³n. Is baffles penal reform. It obstrocts political reform. It rears aloft a xnass of evil inspired power wbich at every ealient point tbreatens social and national advance, which gives to ignorauce and vice a greater potency than iutelligence and virtne eau command, which deprivei the poor of the advantagea of modern progresa, which debanches and degrades millions.brutaliziug and saddeuing them below the plane of healthy savagery and fllling the centers of popnlatiou with creatures whose condition almost excuses the immorality which render3 them


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