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Causes Of Intemperance

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I think that temperance reformeni would do well to consider more than theydo the canses that leadtothe drinking habit, and endeavor, if possible, to combat these. There are in my village of about 1,000' inhabitanta at least 15 inns. Now, I believe that if all were closed but one, drinking would go on jxist the same, and that one single innkeeper would make his fortune. It ia a curious thing to say, perhaps, but it is true that some men are born a glass too low. Their nerves are finely Btrung, they are easily raised to joy and easily east down. These men or women are â– very apt to become drunkards. This is the reason that so many geniuses go to the bad. 111 health is another cause of intemperance ; tiredness and fatigue, dyspepeia, too jolly company, billiards and card playing. Oh, if space perro i tted, I could name a score more, bnt last, though not least, comes the want of synraathv at home. and a acnldinc.


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