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Henry Watterson

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Henry Watterson, of "star eyed goddess "fame and editor of the Louisville Courier Journal, bad a largd auiiience at University hall Wednesday evening to hear his masterful disoourse upon "Abraham Lincoln." The speaker expressed the view that Lincoln was the best friend the aonth had at court, and tbat but for the assassin's pistol shot there would have been no long years of re-construction. Liucoln had taken the view that the sontb had nevev been out of the union aud all it needed to do was to eleot its oongressmen and sena tors and "come back home." The speaker read Maj. MoClure's deoription of his visit to Linooln at Springfield, after his election. He found him awkward, nngainly and tall, bat before he had talked with him long he forgot the appearance of the man in the magnetism of his genius. Mr. Watterson took the view that Lincoln was a man inspired of God, that he oame up suddenly from the oommon people with a mission, as the Babe boru in the mauger, that he was one of those meteorio figures which break forth npou the horizon out of obscurity, bringing order out of chaos with hands of sceel and, performing their missions, are returned to their Maker. The closing passage of the lecture was eloquent and he held the immense audience breathless to its end. It was an apostrophe to a genius by a genius.


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