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The Devil And The Lawyers

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The devil carne np to the earth one day, And into a court room he wended bis way, Just as an attorney with very grave face, Was proceeding to argue the poiuts of a case. Now, a lawyec his devilship never had . seen, For to his dominions none ever had been, And he feit very curions the reason to kuow, Wby none had been seat to the regions below. 'Twas the fault of his agents his majescy thought, Whynone of these sharpers had ever been canght, AndJEor his own pleasure he had a desire, To come to the earth and the reason inquire. Well, the lawyer aróse with a visage so grave, And made out his opponent a consummate knave, And the devil was certainly greatly amnsed To hear the attorney so ronndly abused. As soon as the speaker had come to a close, The counoil opposing him fieroely arose, And he heaped such abuse ou the head of the first, That made him a villian of all men the worst. Thu3 they quarreled, contended, and . argued so long, 'Twas hard to determine the one that was wrong, And oonnluding he'd heard quite enough of the fuss, Old Niok turned away and soliloquized thus: "If all they have said of each other be true, The devil bas surely been robbed of his due, But I'm satisfied now - it is all very well, For tb. ose lawyers would ruin the moráis of heil. "They've puzzled the oourt with their villianous cavil, And I'm free to confess they've muddled the devil, My agents are right to let lawyers alone, For if I had them they'd swindle me out of my throne."


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