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A Copy Of An Old Argus

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A copy of the Weekly Michigan Argus, dated Jnly 31, 1857, was sent the Argus yesterday by C. C. Warner, of Saline. The paper is yellow with age, but splendidly preservad. The editor at that time was Elihu B. Pond. Few of his advertisers of that day now have their ñames appear in type in that connection. J. W. Maynard's name is there, he at that time having a dry goods store. He advertises "a large stock of rioh gallorr and all embroideries at cost. " Wines & Knight were advertisers of dry goods and John Sheeban gives notioe of removal of his merohant tailoring establishment Swan & Co. 's big Atlanta (Ga. ) lofctery had conspiouons space and apparently svas one of the beaviest advertiserB. The country must have heen exercïsed ver the appearance of a cornet at that ïme, for the firm of Pnilip Bach & Co. ay stress on the f act that they "don't elieve that the cornet is going to Knoei the world high as a kite' and tbat they have "therefore pnrhased a fu 11 and complete assortrueut f sumruer dress goods. " The looal column ac that time was tonpied bat litrle spaoe. One local nnounoes a Sabbath Sohool Jubilee nd another nn arljourued meeting of ;he Porest Hill Cemetery As-iociatiou. :t was abnut this time that the cele )rated Fox sisters were causing so much onsternation and excitement in western New York with their "spirit rap)ings, " and a special notice is made bat Mrs. Ida L. Coan will answer test questions by loud raps, at a public exnbition to be held in the city hall. The paper has no "píate inside" and the negro question and extracta from New York pe.per3 oceupy a great amount of space. The front page had an installment oí a continued story, written for the Argus by Lily Lea. All :oreign news was received via. Quebec and the Washington news was clipped ïrorn the New York Commercial Advertiser.


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