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Poles Take Umbrage

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Chicago, March 19. - Senator Lodge was burned In efflgy by the Russian Nihilist club Tuesday aftemoon in a vacant lot at Seventeenth street and Ashland avenue, The action of the club was the videnc of the intenslty of tha feeling aroused by the recoüt discussion In oongress on the quostlon of imtnigration, and particularly by the rernarks of Senator Lodge. Other nationalltles ro taking ■teps to defend their honor. The indignation of the Poles has been aroused to a fever heat. They oontend that Senator Lodge's gtatistics are erroneous. Some of the Polish editora suggest that the most reliable statistio3 are thoso in tho Daily News Almanao. They claim that when making his statement Sjnator Lodge was either ignorant of the real facts, or that he had a motive in making the statements he did. Thlnk Hiin a Tool of the Russians. Prominent Poles say that it is not for a senator from Massachusetts to determine ■who the good citizens are. Some even charge him with being a tooi of the Ruseians. There Í3 a sentiment among the Poles that there is something elso behind what they cali "this high-handed national persecution." As the Polish organizations by correspondenta with their brethren across the sea learned that'Bussian money was being used in America o blackmaü Polish citizens they concluded that had something to do with the lecent attack upon thera. They charge that the Russian government pays enormous sums of money for spies in America, whose sole purposs is to créate disturbance and to see that Poles are oonBtantly treated as ignorant and dangerous, so as to flnd a justiflable exouse for Russia's partition of Poland and her present barbarous treatment of che Polish people. All Polo WiU Unlte. All the Polish organizations will unite to act against such misrepresentations. A number of magazines, whieh the Poles clüim are being supported by the Russian government for the purpose of blackinailing the people and whioh are said to re ceive an annual subsidy for go doing, wil be looked after. The Polish National alllance, the Polish Catholic unlon, the Polish National fund, the Polish league, tbe Polish Young Men alliance, the Pol lsh Educational fraternity, the Polish Preas club, the Polish military organizattons, the Polish turners, the Polish social and commercial organizatóons have all taken up the matter. Many have already p;issed rasolutions denouncing the remarks oí the various senators and condemning them. A series of meetings has been oalled to meet in different parts of the city. The Polish press advlses the seleotion of a committeee of representativo Poles who shall go to Washington to make inqulry concerning the position of eongress in the matter.


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