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Chicago, April 9. - This was a Ropubllcan yoar in the town tickets, and all of Chicago went Ropublican by all sorts of majoriries. The south town was the scène of a most exciting contest. The Demócrata named a popular man, Martin Emerich, for assessor. Hepburn, the Repul Jicim noininee, won by a plurallty of 778 out of a total vote of 8;!, 270. Samuel H. ïrude, the candidato for supervisor, has a plurality of 2,786, and Kunz, the nominee for collector, proved the star, receiving a plurality of 3,618. Martin, the candldate for clerk, barely won out, getting a plurality over his Democratie competitor of 184. The fight was made against Hepburn, every artifice known to political warfare being used against him. In tHe North Towu. The Republicans over in the north town carried every ward In the town by plnralities ranging from400 to 4,30U. Ball, the Republican candidate for assessor, has a plurality of 3,787 over W. K. Ackerman, who was induced by the Denioorats to accept the nomination for assessor ou their ticket. The west town went Republican by 7,000 or 8,000, and William Gifïert the nominee for assessor, has a lead of over 4,000 votes. Stepnia, the Republican ïiüminee for collector, has a plurality of 8,519. The Rapublican noniinee for supervisor, Miller, wins by 8,015, oud Bai-ry, the Republican nominee for clerk, is elected by 6,639. This is the way the Republican pluralities showed up in the Town of Lake : Cohrs, assessor, 1,159; Gurney, collector, 1,074; Lundberg, supervisor, 1,166; Hays, clerk, 2,787. The total vote case in Lake was 21,814. Lake View will have a Ropublican town organization, the entire ticket being elected by pluralities of 3,700. The total vote cast in the two wards composing the town was 11,42a Hyde Park in the List, The entire Republican town ticket in Eyde Park won very easily, the average plurality being a trido over 7,000. Mr. Randall, the Republican canilidate for assessor, had a plurality of 7,528 over ïracey, Demoerat. Mr. Olson, the Republican candidato for supervisor, beat his Democratie opponent, Wiora, 7,646 vote. The total vote cast for the town ticket was about 17,430. Jefferson elected Republican town officers by comfortable majorities, and the same result was probably obtained in Calumet. Thirty-six aldermen were elected from the thirty-four wards of Chicago, two of them to fill vacant seuts in the Tenth and Nineteenth wards. The Democrats gained aldermanic seats in a number of wards, but lost in other wards, so that, on the whole, the Democratie strength in the next council will be about the same as in the present council. The council will etanci: Republioans, 47; Democrats, 19; Independent, g; holdover, Republicans L7; Democrats, 5. Illinois Town Elections. Town elections were held throughout Illinois ïuesday. As a general thing Republican victories are reported. At Monmouth a surprise was caused by the election of William Elleiibiir!?er, a college student, over bis Republican opponent. Eepublican gains are reported in Danville, Charleston, Sigel, Mattoon, Champaign, Urbana, Lacón, Vandalia and Prineeton. In Salem the entire Democratie ticket was elected, where the Republicans were suceessfiü a year ago. At Mount Sterling a freo silver ticket was in the field. No license carried at City. A municipal election was held in Quincy. The Democrats elected flve aldermen and the Republicans three. At Rockford John C. Carver, Rep., was electsd circuit judge of the Thirteonth judicial district. Democrats elected their town ticket at Freeport. At Joliet honors were divided. Republicans carried Kankakeeand Mattoon. Ottawa went Democratie. Republicans carried the day at Springfield, and there was an increased Republican majority at Piano.


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