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Get out your tax receipts and see how yo...

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Get out your tax receipts and see how your taxes have grown. Republicanism and extravagance seems to De synonymous terms. For an example of the way republican government affects the tax payer, let us take the example of one Sylvan tax payer whose assessment has remained exactly the ame since 1889. In that year he paid $1.85 state tax. Hein common with others, experienced a change of heart and went in for democratie economy. In 1890 he paid $1.32 state tax; in 1891, $1.30, but in 1892 the taxes crept up to $1.50 and in 1893 the republicans again being in the saddle it jumped to $2. In 1894 he paid $1.60 and last December he was obliged to pay $2.85. In other words he had to pay more state taxes in one republiean year thau he did in the two years in which Winans was governor. The anno al report of Chief Sipley, oi the fire department, again calis the attention of the public to the very effective work of the department, not from any praise the chief bestows upon it, for he is a modest man and not given to self praise, but from the showing made by the facts. There has never been a year siuce the paid fire department was organized that the fire losses were as large as they were the year before the departmect was organized. Dnring the past year there were 64 fire alarrns and the losses will average less thau $300 per fire, although there were sonie very ugly fires. The department faas been exceedingly prompt in responding to alarms and has known faow to fight the fires when ifc got on the ground. It is a credit to the city. Walter Wellman, one of the best known of the correspondents of republican newspapers in Washington writes the Chicago Times-Herald that some of the western republicans think "the state of New York is certain to go democratie next f all both on local and national issues. The recent local elections in that state have been very favorable to the democrats. With New York gone the republicans have ao electoral votes to throw awav." There is a wide discrepancy of opiniĆ³n as to whether the Ann Arbor delegates to the first county convention are Pingree or Sheriff Judson, who is the recognized Pingree leader of the county, claims a majority of them for Pingree. This claim is vehemently disputed. And as the talk goes on outsiders cannothelp admiring the harmony aud unanimity which pervades the republican party. They all love each other like brothers. The democratie prospects are growing brighter. A little adversity was needed to bring the democrats together again and to cause them to have a little patience with the differences of belief on minor topics within the party. It seems a little strange but the eubernatorial contest in this state has so far this year overshadowed the presidential contest, yet such is the fact.


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