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New Auxiliary Pumping Station

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The Ana Arbor Water Co. has the foundations laid for a uew auxiliary pumping statiou on W. Washington st. , where for some time past the compaDy has been drilling new wells to obtain a further supply of water to that it i now has. Tweuty-seven of these wells have been put down, three C-inoh and the balance 2-iuch and 2J-inch. A new 125 horse power boiler arrived yesterday and is now being put in position. A Dean pump with a oapacity of 2,000,000 gallons a day is alo on the way. The pump house will ba nothiug elabórate, morely a frame building; and will be nioie for use than ornament. Large mains will be laid down Wasihngton st. to connect with the main pipe through which the water now is distributed to the laterals. All who are eligible to attend the second rennion of the older high school alumni association on the 22d instant, are invited to meet at the residence of N. W. Cheever, 42 Madison st.,this evening, to practise singing old songs. Any are eiigible who attended the Ann Arbor High School between the years of '56 and '76.


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