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The June Festival

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When the statement was made that the entertainment to be given last night and tonight by the St. Thomas' Conservatory of Music would be better and brighter than ever, it was no vain boast. Last night's performance fully proved the truth of this prediction The heavy, classical style of mnsic usually reudered on snch occasions was abandoried altogether, with one exceptiou, and as a consequence the rnajority of the audience was greatly pleased thereat. It was a fine entertainment throughout and showed the immense amouut of patiënt, faithful work that must have beeu done to bring the affair to such a state of perfection. The program opened with a chorus "Victnry" in which ten little girls with Miss Ellen Clarken as the Goddess of Victory, participated. It was biight and catchy and the brisk movemeuts oL the "playful elves" pleased the audience 'greatly. A 16 hand piano selection "Czarus Opus 85," Michiels, by eight young Vadies and another one "Pas Redouble Opus 86." Saint Saens, followed. They were bright, lively pieoes, not too long, well suited to the popular taste and received well deserved applause. "The Athenian Revelers" nest made their appearance ou the stage. -The drilling of the 12 little boy' and the clear sharp commands of their equally small captain pleased the military eye of all. They were neatly nniformed in )lue and white aua went through a manual of artns and marching movements with great precisión. The other revelers were eight little girls dressed in pink aud green who did a very pretty drill in dancing movements which was very pleasing. "Autumnal Echoes, " by the St. Thomas' Banjo and Guitar Club bronght forth a vociferous enoore from the audience, but encores were not in order on account of the length of the program. The flfth nurnber, an overtnre with harp paninient, was also a very flue oue. The sisth number, "The Harvest," was a vocal one with solo aud chorus. It was very pretty, the stage being set as a harvest fleld with the reapers and gleaners working ainongst the grains with feythrs, sickles and rakos, aud the gleauers following after, gleaning the grain. Meudelssohn's Opus 25 iu G. Minor bronght the first pait of the program to a close. The second part of the program was a drama in five scènes entitled "Eudora. " It portrays the conversión of a Druid vestal, Eudora, to the Christian religión. The anger of the priestesa Althea at her action and her snbsequent deuunciation of Bndora to the Roman prefect. Eudora is made prisoner and dies at the stake rather than forsake Christ. The principal characters, Eudora, Althea, Lorrinda Alicea were well taken by the Misses G. Kress, L. Fitchel, K. M. Clarken and N. Brown. Miss Fitchel in particular evinoing good dramatic ability. The storm of thnnder aud lightning in the fourth sceue in the rocky glen was the most realistic ever given on au Anu Arbor stage. The entertainment will be repeated tonight and it is safe to say it will be greeted with as large a house as was present last evening.


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