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Last High School Recital

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The 15th annual elocntion recital of the Ann Arbor high school was given by the meinbers of the advanced class under the direotion of Mrs. T. C. True blood, at high school hall last Friday evening. The program was openec with a racitation, "BayBilly," by Lee Schooier, followed by "His Mis take" by Miss Maud Salisbury, both o which were very good. "Down on the South Sea Islands" byMiss Dorma Mc Lachlan oame nest in order and was well delivered. Squire Fouch's deliv ery of "The Last Leaf" called forth well deserved applause from the audience. One of the best numbers on the program was "The quarrel scène between Brutus and Cassius" by R. A. Whitten. His representafciou of the two men, so different in charaoter, was excellent and his transitions from one character to the other, were easily made. The mandolín solo by Miss Hattie Long acoorupanied by Miss Boilleau, was very good and they responded to au encoré witn the waltz song "Doris. " Miss Langley's and Miss Ryan's recitations were omitted on account of the absence of the ladies. Mr. Vorheis' recitation "The Little Blackeyed Rebel" was bright and catchy and took well. Clarence Hughes' "At Nynii Novgorod" was well delivered and wel received. a , As a variatiou to the program followed a banjo duet by Miss Long and Mr. Watson. Miss Grace Swindler's recitation "La Marseillaise" theFreunb natioDal anthem', was very good. Bnt while it showed her attainment in and good pronunciation of the French language, it would have been more appreciated by the majority of the audience had it been in English. The remaining three reoitations "The Dandy Fifth," "On a City Pier," and "The Ruling Passion" by J. B. Hitohcook, Miss Nellie Mosely and Mrs. Otto Benneti respeotively, were well delivered. The program olosed with a banjo solo by Mr. Masón with guitar and mandolín accompaniment and a short scène "Iphigenia, " Miss Etta Waite taking the part of Iphigenia, a Greek maiden, and Mi?s Imo Whitmarsh that oí Thalia, a ohild. As a whole the recital was very good but not so well attended as might have been had the weather beBn brighter.


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