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We know better! If he had we would have heard him, fur the wiud was right. Capt. Allen made a brave but ineffectual figbt for (he recoguition of silver in the Michigan caucus at St. Louis. - Ypsilanti Sentinel. The Detnocrat wishes him succes whether such are his iutentions or not. He is a good and virtuous young justica and should not longer take the chances of spotting his escutoheon by running around loose. Justice A. E.Gibson left this morning for a visit with friends near Dayton, Ohio. Rurnor, as usual, says the handsome Jnstice ititends bringing a wife home with him The' Times wishes him success if such are his inteutions. - Washtenaw Times. Au epidemie of matrimony bas struck the office of the Aun Arbor Argus. It carried off the foreman a few days ago, and has just wrapped its arms around the pressman's "form." If anybody vvauts information of further prospectiva weddings in the same quarter, let him go to the "devil. " A Conoord, Jackson county merchant named Lown, went f rog spearing in a marshy lake. The frogs saw that Lown was "green" and as he pushed f rom shora the littleones piped, "Knee-deep! knee-deep!" but Lown went on. "Lown, Lown, you'll drown, d-r-r-r-own !" sang the larger amphibs, but Lown persisted. "He's drunk he's drunk! d-r-r-r-unk-drunk-drunk!" croaked a big one as he dove to dodge a blow from Lown. The merchant was not drunk, but he airaed at a frog and feil overbaord, and as he could neither get on board nor swim, he was in it three hours before a life saving crew from the village rescued him. And the frogs sang out, "Gjod bye, Lown! Stay in town ! stay in town! town, town, town." "The Daily Times objects to what it is pleased to term big words" observes the Ann Arbor Courier. CJpou compre hensive analogy along lines of parallelograinatic compaiison, it is borne in upon the oocult reasoning that the Times is correot. The structural grandeur of the aucient obelisk is no in its deenrations, hor its mysteriou hieroglyphics, with their almost non interpretable and at best highly prob lematic proolamations of the glory an( achitívements of a cryptologioal an tiquity, but in the simplicity with which the needle's point pierces tbe empyrean enfoldments of ether, with its basic architure indexing the direc tion of nadir. Invest its noble and sub lime suinmit with ponderous excrescen ces and the monumental pillar in the graveyard of pioneer anthropology top -pies to the rnundane sphere. So, also if we superinduce upon our sharply chiseled ideas, a cumbrous accumula tion of far-fetched pbraseologies anc pot-bellied polysyllables, the effort end in ignoriug and down comes our liter ary shanty.


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