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Eoal U for Bugs! Is guaranteed to destroy Carpet Bugs, Ants, Roaches, Bed Bugs, etc. It costs 25c for a large bottle. We have also Corrosive Sublímate, Insect Powder, Oil of Cedar, Oil of Lavender, Oil of Sassafras, Carbolic Acid, Copperas, Chloride of Lime, and many other preparations used for the destruction of all kinds of tnsects and discase gerns, which are so prevalent at this time of year. 1 1 Mlllffi ■ ST9BE 17 E. Washington St., Corner Fourth Ave. WANTED, FOR SALE, ETC. FOR SALE- Seven-year-old bay mare, good roadster. weight 1.0;i0 pouuds. Also a buggy and harness. Enquire of W. H.Olancy, 3 Lawrence st., Aun Arbor. 39-32 FOR SALE- The Dexter Basket Factory. The factoi'y is now running its full capacity md we oannot keep up with orders. Other business prevents our it. L. C. Palmer, Mattie E. Palmer. 28-33 FOR SALE- Seven-year-old bay mare, Standard bred, öne condition. Priee dead cheap. Alsocarrlage and haruese. Enquire 2T N. University Ave. 26-29 WANTED- Lady of experience to travel a"d establish jigêncics. Salary and expenses paid. Cali or address 9 S. Ingalls st.Ann Arbor. 29-32 FOK SALE,- A cow for sale VA mile west of Northfleld Catholic Church. Jno. MeKernan. 25-28 TO RENT- Term of years on shares- Stock farm, 200 acres, tillable land, ampie buildings, good fences, well watered. Lessee to lurnish stock. Is 2' miles from best stock market in Washteuaw eounty. A. M. Clark, Ann Arbor; A. F. Clark, Saline. , 3t riiEACHEE of mandolín, banjo and guitar, A Hattie Long, 69 Miller Ave, HORSE WANTED- At 28 N. State street, . .Ann Arbor. Mustbeyoung, sound and cheap. Weight about 1,200 pounds. Cali soon. FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE-Three farms, one close to Ann Arbor. 85 acres, flrst class buildings, another in Lima, 100 acres well timbered and good buildings, and the third in Lodi, 40 acres, good ampie buildings. Cali on or address Wm. Osiue, Box 1551 Ann Arbor, Mich. FOR SALE OR RENT- A new 8-room house with a good barn, good well, two good clsterns, one and one-balf lots of land. Terms easy. Bnquire at 33 Detroit St., Ann Arbor. ■nt. : PIANO TUNINÜ.-A. D. Brown, the well known piano tuner with C. J.VVhitney, will be in the city soon. Orders left at the ARGüS office will J830IA0 his attention. BICYCLES-A strictly high-grade wheel at Wholesale priee. Only one in each place. Cali or wrlte. A. G. Sc. John, 9 Geddes ave., Ann Arbor. W-W 110 RENT- Large Commodious House, best location in city, for roomers and boardprs. Will rent all or part. Inquire at 47 . División Ét. 3J-ii r R. WILLIAMS, Attoraev at Law ard Pension Claim Attorw, MILAN, MICH. Conveyancing and Collections.


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