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MONDA! Jfj f f Col. W. F. Cody (Buffalo Bill) will positively appear Afternoon and Evening. PÜFFALO PÍLLS WÍLp West (COL. W. F. CODY) AND Gongress oí Rough Riders of the World. An exact duplícate, man for man and horse for horse, of the exhibitions given at the Columbian World's Fair at Chicago in 1893; all summer in New York 'in 1894, and in 160 principal cities of the East in 1891; First appearPRODtJCING anee here since C--V - c this New, EnyfY bomething larged Greater .fc r .. World'sDiorama Xi ;,,0, NeW of Human ínter" '.- est won its pre(W0g% ]ï)UGV the mier right to the Kl WS , _, added title of 1 V th'MI Ajt Sin T" 1 W Too Urge for ' ■■mm a Canvas Wor)ds f( ■ _ . f y ';:'-:'S5v And totally nnlike anything Riders l@ê@!lOi3LL ( else on . MILITARY 1TATI01TS OFTO-DAY Demonstrated by Detachments of Veteran Cavalrymen, who have seen Actual Service Under the Colors of the United States, England, France and Germany, And back to the Primitive Rover and Normandie Races, to whom their countries would be, without the horse, as the ocean without the ship. All üfficially Recognized by their Governments as Thoroughly Representative of their Class. AN ORIGINAL PROGRAM OF .... iSáit Opisiljaí Facis a 5M " Origina) People 4-4a' O% IT CAN NEVER BE DUPLICATED OR SUCL& LSÈ$ CESSFULLY COUNTERFEITED. Excels anythinj JryfirWMè heretofore conceived or executed at either individual y L$f' or Governmental Fetes or Public Expositions. (0 THE SHOW OF SHOWS 2Ji 100 INDIAÏT WAHEJ0RS li cÜfev Ogallalla, Brule, Uncapappa, Sioux, Cheyenne and !&Lfe 3P Arapaho'e Tribes. kl?fè3&& 50 Ameriean Cowboys. $0p 'WL 30 Mexiean Vaqueros and Ruralies. %Êf 30 South Ameriean Gauchos. Sfíl%v 50 Western Frontiersraen, Marksmen, Etc. r?k ' 25 Bedouin Arabs. Piliklf 2( ussan Cossaeks of the Caueasus. fMgLj.. DETACHMENTS OF C United States Cavalry '-W- ya Irish-Eng-lish Laneers, Freneh Chasseurs, My'S&ll'i Germán Cuirassiers, Petit Corps D' Armee. JffiÉjÊaÊp AU under the CommaDd of feSP? COL. W. F. CODY-BUFFALO BILL. ?Íkw4' Wí Tlie La8t of the BufFalo ! SSHS Only Herd on Exhibition ! Ï1IIS ENORMOUS OUTFIT IS TRANSPORTED IN SPECIAL - AD TK-AI1TS Oarrying all the Parapbernalia Necessary to Covered Graijd Staijs Seatiijg 20,000 Persons Assuriug Perfect Protection trom SUN -OK RAIN. On the Day of Arrival there will be given a FREE - STREET - CAVALCADE At 10 A M., by Detailed Detachments trom each División (Wild Horses. Buffalo, Cattle, etc, bei"S necessarily jjuarded in eampl, "So that He who Runs may Kead," The maren will oe enllvened by THREE MAÖNIFICUNT BANDS of MUS1O, led by the Fanled, World-travelea BUFFALO BILL'S COWBOY BASD At Nigbt, a Brilliant Electric Display by the Larscst Portable Doublé Electric Plant of 26OÍ00U Caivlle Power yetconstructed lor any similar pui-pose, iwo i Circuits, eusurinj, a l'ei-1'eclly Re.lUble Illumiuution, nuikiug NIüHT AS LIGHT AS DAY. TWO EXHIBITIONS DAILY, RAIN OR SHINE. Afternoon at 2 o'clock; Nlght at S o'clock. Doors Open an Hour Earller Night as light as day and as complete in General Admission, 50c. Children Under 9 Years, 25c. Numbered coupons, actually reserved seats, will be sold on the ny of exhibition at Brown's Store, corner Main atd liuron streets.


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