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Joan Of Arc's Portrait

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Is there an authentic portrait of Joan of Are iu existence? Most people suppose there is uot, but a Germán minister in religión, Herr Qatrio, declares in an account he has vritten of the "History of the Abbsy of Murbach" that there are in Alsace two miniatnres representing Joan, which are to all appearance the vork of an artist arnong her contemporaries. The first represents the young girl marching to battle. Upon her liead is a heimet, she has a cuirass on her chest, and she holds aloft a white flag, whereon the Lord is represented with a terrestrial globe in his hand. At her side are two angels, and at the bottom of the flag are the words, "Jesus and Mary. " In the second ruiniature Joan has no heimet. Her long hair hangs over her shoulders, and above is represented a saint's nimbus. These interesting works of art, adds the writer, are in the collection of Herr Qeorge


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