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Trouble Over A Meat Market

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The rueat inarket firm of Fairchild & Kuster, at 'ïpsilauti, is haviug considerable trouble. The parties have been iu partnership i1., years, during which time they have faad no accountiug and Mr. Fairchild thonght it was about time oue was had, so ou Monday Mr. Kuster and an attorney froni Howell proceeded with au iuvestigation of the books, which ahowed that Mr. Kuster had had betweeu f3,000 and $4,000 ont of the business without putting anything intoit. At that time Mr. Kuster and the attorney stepped out of the store to confer, saying they would be back in 20 minutes. Mr. Fairchild waited for two hours and they did not return. That night the meat market was broken opeu aud all the books and papers belongiug to Fairobild & Kuster were taken, together with the personal ledger of Mr. Fairchild, while he was iu busiue68 for himself. Nightwatchman Charles Kane reported to Mr. Fairchilds at 5 o'clock Tuesday moruing that he had seen Isaac Davis at midnight of the night before standing iu front uf Fairchild & Kuster's maiket with a strnuger, supposed to be an attoruey from Howell, while Mr. Kuster was inside rifling the office of its contenta. On Tuesday Attorney Kirk got an iujunction from Judge Kinne testrainiug Kuster from collecting or receiviug any money due the firm of Fairchild & Kuster, or doiug anything to injure the busiuess or attempt to coutrol its assests. The ledgei coutaining Mr. Fairchild's personal accounts when iu business for hiruself, was retnrned by Mr. Knster ou Weduesday moruing. Mr. Kuster's statement is to the effect that he "does not care to make any statements about tbis affair whatever. He does not thiuk Mr. Fairchild has treated him rigbt and that the people will flud it out. It was not right for him to be turned out of the business just after he has been sick so long. If Mr. Fairchild wanted to dissolve partnership why didn't he say so last January? That was the time. He will say nothing further about it as the people eau judge when it's all over."


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