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A Dog's Attachment To A Cow

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A remarkable instance of affection tween a dog aud a cow is related by a snburbanite. His little black Scotch terrier became infatuated with a small Jersey cow in bis ueighborhood, and every morning he would run off to the pasture where his bovine sweetheart was kept. He would slip out the side way aud walk along with the cow. He of ten ruissed his breakfast aud ofteu did uot taste a niouthful all day. When she munehed grass by the roadside, he patiently sat ou his haunches liutil she moved along. Sometimes he was confiued at honie to break up the habit, but as soon as he was released off he would go at a full run for the pasture, singling out his love frona the herd of cattle and following close at her heels. He would jump up, lick her feet and show signs of greatest joy when lie carne to her. While the cow on her part did not appear to appreciate his atteutions she did not hook him away. Finally the family grew tired of keeping a dog that renaained away during the day and only came home for his supper and to spend the night and gave him to persons living some distance in the country. The cow, who had never seemed to notice any of his demonstrations of affection, missed his conipanionship when he was gone. She would come to his former home at evening, put her head over the palings and low. She did this at


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