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Labor Men In A Riot

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Chicago, Aug. 5. - A not was quelled on the grounds of the University of Chicago Monday afternoon, and two bodies of workrnen, each bent upon annihilating the other, laid down their arms to the pólice of the Woodlawn district. The oflficers had been summoned to the scène by James Arnold, a contractor, who feared the belligerents might vent their displeasure upon the new buildings in course of construction on the grounds. Contractor Arnold has been superintending the erection of four structures which are to f orm an addition to the university, and has employed Libout '00 men. Some of the workjiien belonged to the labor unions, but It is claimod that non-union labors have been recently engaged. At noon Monday the laborers on Biologieal hall laid down their tools, claiming they had been promised 32.50 instead of $2 per day, which was offered them by the con tractors. This action seeired to inflame the other men who were at work and soon a number of bricklayers called upon Contractor Arnold and demanded that all non-union laborers should be discharged. This was refused, but the contractor promptly laid off a number of men. The discharged meo remained about the building until 3 o'clock, when an attack was made upon Italians who had been engaged to flll their places, and a fierce fight was the result. Contractor Arnold ran to Cobb hall, where he telephoned to the Hyde Park Pólice station for assistance. The message was transmitted to Woodlawn, and the patrol wagon from that station was hurried to the scène of the excitement. When attacked the Italian laborers made a determine:! resistance and repelled their assailants with bricks, tools and pieces of timber. The fight raged briskly for twenty minutes and several of the besieged men received severe cuts and bruises, their ranks being outnumbered by the attacking party. The disturbance was at its height when the wagon load of pólice officers appeared, but its coming was a signal for the belligerents to disperse, the laborers who had made the attack seeking safefcy in fhght. The fugitives were pursued by Officers Breen, Cullin and Duffy, who chased the strikers through Washington park in a vain attempt to capture hem. Under policte protection the Italians resumed work. In speaking of the troubie, Contractor Arnold said: "I pay mj laborers more than any builder in the cicy. The men who raised the disturbance have been paid 15 cents to 35 cents an hour, and yet they were nut satisüed. I can get any number of men who will be glad to work for ?1 per day if I wanted to hire such labor, but I have alwaj s hired union workmen and will continue to do so. If the men are not satlsfled let them come to me with their grievance and I could effect a settlement. " The men who are out, however, deny that they have been paid the wages stated by Contractor Arnold and claim that the pay for labor avernged $1 and $1 25 a day.


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