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Republicans Owe Much To Wedemeyer

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As a represeutative of Mr. Pingree, I stand here to say that he stands squarely on tlie platform of the St. Louis couvention. - W. V. Wedcmeyer. of inn Arbor, seconding Pingree' s nomination. This is good. We, had coufidance that there would be some considérate soul in the conveution who would defend the Mayor against the dire rumors that he was a sympathizer vvith this damnable silver heresy. It is to be regretted that any wretch would be so presumptuons as to intímate any assooiatibn of hizzoner's narae with other than the single standard propaganda. Lawslitis diffioult to ascertaiu what would have been the effect on the stiength of the state ticket if the rumors had got beyond Grand Rapids that Ping stood otherwise than squarely pledged to the shibboleth of gold. It is wel!, therefore, that there was a Wedemeyer, and it is better still that he attended the conveution and aided in rignting this momentons question of Pingree's money views. Only to think what rnight have happened had this tall and handsome young gentleman from Ann Arbor been supporting some other candidate for the gubernatorial crown. Then hizzoner's cnrrency ideas wuuld have had no defender. People, instead of being convinoed as they are now of the Mayoi's hide-bound fealty to the St. Loais declaration would no doubt have been deceived and fonnd themselves throughout the campaign entertaining way down in their heart the idea that this man Ping was a half-hearted sixteen to oneite. The whole state is deeply indebted j to this man Wedemeyer, and when we , say the state, Oakland county is l cluded. Jnst imagine for a moment, if ' yon please, what the connty officers I owe this obliging Ain Arbor chap who, j in the beait of tbis great convention, ! aróse to his feet and thwarted this rumor about bizzouer's e-lliance with silver. Wliat a piece of diplomacy to down his rumor and stamp it underfoot before the repnblioan voters of Oakland were deceived iuto believing that they were supporting other tban a consistent foüower of the' Bank of England, Wall Street, ' tbe Rothschilds and other infant industries! For four weeks tbe connty officials scoured the state in search of a candidate for governor, so fearful were they that the mistake would be made of selecting a man who wonld not indorse the natioual platform from a to z. They decided upon hizzoner as the logical candidato gave him a solid delegation and now have the suprema satisfaction of knowing through the benignant "Washtenaw delégate that they inade no mistake. Haii to Wedemeyer! The gold band-wagon with McKinley, Pingree and tbe county officers will


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